Streaming Release: May 25, 2021
Original Series
Studio: FX

Mr Inbetween is a half-hour drama series created by and starring Scott Ryan as Ray Shoesmith – a father, ex-husband, boyfriend and best friend. Tough roles to juggle in the modern age. Even harder when you’re a criminal for hire.

Mr. Inbetween Episode List

Season 3
Episode Date Title Description
9 7/13/2021 I’m Not Leaving If nothing ends, what begins?
8 7/6/2021 I’ll See You Soon There’s a reason why the road less travelled is less travelled.
7 6/29/2021 I’m Your Girl Everybody loves a road trip.
6 6/22/2021 Ray Who? Don’t live in the past they say but what if it’s a hell of a lot better than the present?
5 6/15/2021 Before I Went to War All is fair in love and war but not in business. Forgiveness may be divine but revenge is way more fun.
4 6/8/2021 Cut The Crap Princess Curiosity rarely kills the cat but too many pharmaceuticals generally will.
3 6/1/2021 All I Ever Wanted You can’t make anybody stay but you can sure as hell make ‘em go.
2 5/25/2021 Champ If you think violence is not the answer, you don’t understand the question.
1 5/25/2021 Coulda Shoulda If your mistakes lead to your death, how can you learn from them?
Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
11 11/21/2019 There Rust, and Let Me Die One lives, but it is unknown if anybody really dies.
10 11/14/2019 Nice Face Enemies may come and go, as do friends.
9 11/7/2019 Socks Are Important When exiting a department store, make sure you don’t leave with less than you came with.
8 10/31/2019 See You in Your Dreams An old friend takes the fall and an associate pays for past misdeeds.
7 10/24/2019 Watch Out for Snakes Ray does favors but doesn’t forgive.
6 10/17/2019 Let Me Stop You There Lady troubles, old friends and hearts on trees.
5 10/10/2019 Can’t Save You All things must end, even Christmas.
4 10/3/2019 Monsters Is there really any such thing as monsters?
3 9/26/2019 I Came from Your Balls? Ray and Ally get caught out and good dental hygiene is as important as paying your debts.
2 9/19/2019 Don’t Be a Dickhead Ray solves problems but under no circumstances does he answer questions.
1 9/12/2019 Shoulda Tapped Ray don’t tap but he gives good advice. Sometimes you have to take the scenic route.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
6 10/9/2018 Your Mum’s Got a Strongbox A nutritious breakfast is the key to good health, as is looking in the trunk before stealing a car; people say they like surprises, but that is debatable.
5 10/9/2018 Hard Worker People are not always what they appear to be and a good strong name is important. It’s also important to lock your car when you leave it.
4 10/2/2018 On Behalf Of Society Ray doesn’t like surprises, sit downs, sandwiches, or assholes. Brittany asks tough questions, while Ray hands out trouble to those that seek it.
3 10/2/2018 Captain Obvious Anger mismanagement and no such thing as Jesus. If you can’t kill your own brother-in-law, who can?
2 9/25/2018 Unicorns Know Everybody’s Name The wrong guy gets the good news and Unicorns do exist. The first of a thousand kisses and good ole revenge.
1 9/25/2018 The Pee Pee Guy A business associate falls from grace, while Ray takes the fall for a mate. A chance meeting in the park and a new apprentice.

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