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Inspired by Doreen Cronin’s popular children’s books, the series follows a trio of young chicken siblings—Coop, Sweetie and Little Boo—and their retired search and rescue dog mentor, Captain Tully. Together, they team up on problem-solving adventures in their backyard to help their animal friends, while modeling what it means to be good community helpers and finding the joy in assisting others.

The Chicken Squad Episode List

Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
44 12/10/2021 The Prankster Returns The Squad helps Captain Tully track down an elusive prankster.
43 12/10/2021 The Lemonade Letdown Snick and Wheeze discover that someone took something from them, so they go to the Squad for help.
42 12/3/2021 The Chic Chick When the Squad helps Dinah with her backyard hair salon, things quickly get out of hand.
41 12/3/2021 Sheep on the Lam The Squad tries to convince Maisie that she doesn’t have to lie to get their help.
40 11/27/2021 Feed the Brrrrds The squad attempts to track down missing bird food.
39 11/27/2021 Merry Chickmas The squad tries to create holiday decorations.
38 11/19/2021 Rush Hour Coop worries that he’s not good enough.
37 11/19/2021 Artistic Differences Endicott’s paintings get all the attention at his art show.
36 11/12/2021 Runaway Robot Gizmo shows the Squad her new robot.
35 11/12/2021 Dino Dig The Squad digs up a mysterious bone.
34 10/15/2021 Cold Case Monty has lost his dancing outfit, and would not perform on the show without it.
33 10/15/2021 Hidden Treasure Captain Tully puts up a treasure hunt for the Chicken Squad to test their searching skills.
32 10/1/2021 Trick or Eek The squad helps their friends track down a candy-stealing ghost on Halloween night.
31 10/1/2021 T-Wrecks Sweetie and Little Boo both want to dress as a T-Rex for Halloween, so Coop referees a contest to decide who is the winner.
30 9/24/2021 Capture the Flag A game of Capture the Flag.
29 9/24/2021 The Dr. Dirt Show Dr. Dirt shares her dream of being a science show host.
28 9/10/2021 The Wrong Stuff The squad saves a friend.
27 9/10/2021 House Guest The squad’s quirky cousin hinders an investigation.
26 9/3/2021 The Hogdog Show The Chicken Squad helps their friend Hogdog, a pig, train for the town’s annual dog show.
25 9/3/2021 The Great Outdoors Dinah and Captain Tully take the Squad on a camping trip to work on their outdoor skills.
24 8/20/2021 U.F.Oh-No When a mysterious spacecraft lands in the yard, Sweetie finds the courage to approach it.
23 8/20/2021 The Surprise Party Surprise A rat is questioned when the supplies for Capt. Tully’s surprise party go missing.
22 8/13/2021 Willow in the Wild When a mute beaver needs the Chicken Squad’s help, Little Boo struggles to embrace a new way of communicating.
21 8/13/2021 Honey Bee Boogie Woogie The Squad needs to find a honey bee who disappeared from her colony.
20 8/6/2021 The Bark Files Coop tries to imitate the style of his favorite fictional detective but ends up blowing the case.
19 8/6/2021 A Visit From the Bearded Dragon The squad tries to help a lost lizard reunite with his family.
18 7/16/2021 Sweetie Undercover Sweetie goes undercover to stop a heist!
17 7/16/2021 Tully’s Troublesome Trainee Captain Tully tries to find a stray pup a new home, but this recruit would rather play!
16 7/2/2021 Tech Trouble When Coop plans to use an old smartphone as a new tool, Tully thinks her old school methods are best.
15 7/2/2021 Monkey Business Boo’s emotions get the best of him when he loses his favorite stuffed animal.
14 6/18/2021 The Big Parade The Chicken Squad must find Tully’s special dress uniform before the town parade.
13 6/18/2021 Feather Fever Though Coop isn’t feeling well, he insists on helping to solve a case instead of resting at home.
12 6/4/2021 The Stakeout Mistake The chickens get impatient during their first stakeout.
11 6/4/2021 The Squirrel Next Door The Chicken Squad helps a squirrel who’s new to the neighborhood, but then his requests become too much for them to handle.
10 5/28/2021 The Problematic Puppy Coop gets a taste of his own medicine when he wants to be Captain Tully’s shadow.
9 5/28/2021 Critter Sitters For Mother’s Day, the Chicken Squad watches their younger siblings to give their mom the day off.
8 5/21/2021 The Need for Speed When the squad’s car gets souped up to go extra fast, speedy Boo feels like he doesn’t have a place on the team.
7 5/21/2021 Roommate Rumble The squad is enlisted to save Frazz and Riley’s housewarming party.
6 5/14/2021 Coop Dreams To help the squad win a Critterball Tournament, Coop relies on a pair of super shoes.
5 5/14/2021 Gone to the Dogs When the toys of dogs from the neighborhood start to disappear, Captain Tully is suspect #1!
4 5/14/2021 A Dirty Job Sweetie’s enthusiasm over Dr. Dirt’s work causes problems in the lab.
3 5/14/2021 The Natural Little Boo gets overconfident during Captain Tully’s training activities
2 5/14/2021 A Speedy Exit The squad gets a little carried away while upgrading headquarters!
1 5/14/2021 Chicken Squad to the Rescue The squad must learn to work together to rescue a stranded pooch.

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