Disneyland Paris’ New Ad Campaign

Grab a tissue! One of best presents Disney fans received over the holidays was the debut of a Disneyland Paris’ commercial. Featuring an adorable duckling who finds a hero in Donald Duck, this new ad campaign had everyone in tears—and immediately booking their next vacation! The masterminds behind Disneyland Paris’ marketing struck the perfect balance between new and nostalgic without being overly sappy. In less than 90 seconds, fans succumbed to a whole spectrum of emotions all because of a tiny CGI duckling who develops a love for Disney.

Bonus: all of this excitement over a little duckling got us thinking about some of our favorite Disney commercials. Mitchell compiled a few classics that will make you wish you were at a Disney resort RIGHT NOW.

Galaxy’s Edge First Look Video

As the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge grows closer, Disney continues to release little bits of information regarding the new land coming to Disneyland and Hollywood Studios. On Christmas Day, fans enjoyed a first look at the new attractions they’ll soon be able to experience. During this special first look, VP of the Lucasfilm Story Group Carrie Beck said, “It is exciting to think of this as only the beginning and to think about how this land will be living and breathing and evolving.” This, of course, raises plenty of questions about what will be coming and how often we can expect changes, and while there are many answers we don’t know, anticipation continues to swell.

Disneyland Resort Welcomes Rose Bowl Teams

With the big game taking place on New Year’s Day, the Ohio State Buckeyes and Washington Huskies wasted no time heading to Southern California to prepare for their matchup. But every player and coach would tell you that all work and no play is hardly the best way to train for a Bowl Game. Both teams took the day off and headed to the Disneyland Resort. They visited Disney California Adventure, met with the Incredibles, rode the Incredicoaster, and just had fun. During a press conference, coaches and players talked about Disney memories and visiting the parks.

Disneyland Paris Announces Red Skull Appearance

This spring, Walt Disney Studios Park will welcome the Season of Super Heroes featuring live shows, entertainment, themed food, and meet and greets starring the Avengers. Along with all of that excitement, the villain, Red Skull, will be arriving too. Disneyland Paris has not yet announced if he’ll be part of show or meet and greet, but his presence is a welcome one. Season of Super Heroes will take place March 23 through June 16, 2019.

Insane Attendance Week at Disney Parks

Image may contain: 8 people, crowd, sky and outdoor

Thinking of heading to a Disney Park next year for the Christmas/New Year’s Holidays? Better start making a pro/con list. This week, the parks have been jam-packed full of excited guest celebrating the most wonderful time of the year at the Happiest Place on Earth. But can that joy be maintained when you’re constantly fighting crowds? Even we were shocked at the pictures of a nearly unnavigable New Orleans Square, and Magic Kingdom hub, not to mention wait times for some of the most popular rides (looking at you Flight of Passage) teetering between 3-5 hours. Of course, there are some perks to all the craziness. The parks are stunningly decorated during the holidays, and special entertainment like the Voices of Liberty, or unique offerings during Festival of Holidays definitely surround you with magic.

Other Stories of Note

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Disney Story Central “sunsetting” at the end of February. The online multi-platform website and app that allowed families to download books from Disney’s library is shutting down in early 2019.

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Five cartoon shorts to watch this winter. Mike shares some of the best animated shorts for Disney fans to watch in the midst of this cold weather. Even if they can’t change the temperature, at least they’ll warm your heart.

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