New Shipment from Droid Depot Arrives at shopDisney’s Star Wars Trading Post

Happy Monday everybody! You know what’s good about today? It’s delivery day! The Star Wars Trading Post on shopDisney has just received the latest shipment from Batuu and it’s a good one. Previous shipments have included toys and plush from the Toydarian Toymaker, and attire and gear from First Order Cargo, and now, available off planet and at the Trading Post are wares from Droid Depot!

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Droid Depot Goods on shopDisney

Whether you’re anxious to make your first visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or can’t wait for a return trip, you can still enjoy some of the fun of the land right at home. Select goods, toys and attire from Droid Depot can be yours in just a few clicks, thanks to shopDisney’s Star Wars Trading Post.  

Interactive Droids

These interactive Droid models of DJ R3X and C-3PO are great companions and will certainly liven up your day!

Playsets and Figures

From a play area for droids to collectible action figures and sets, let your imagination run wild as you create unique adventures for these helpful astromech companions.

Droid Personality Microchips

Change the personality of your beloved droids just by swapping microchips! Does your droid specialize in smuggling, fight for the First Order, or support the Resistance?

(Droid) Business Attire

Be ready for any type of astromech work with these fun shirts that feature the Droid Depot Logo. There are also a few fashionable styles designed after a favorite droid or two…

On The Go

Circuits are firing and you’re on your way to whatever adventure the day holds. Be prepared with a mini backpack or phone case that shows off the inner workings of the astromech variety.

Light-Up Headbands

Heads up! Here come BB-8 and R2-D2 as you’ve never seen them before: light-up headbands! The duo will sit comfortably atop your little one’s head and glowing effects are sure to make for a great conversation starter.  

Toothpick Holders

Decorate your home cantina or restaurant with stylish toothpick holders showcasing four famous droids.

Patches and Pins

Whether you’re a long time collector, or just getting started, these Droid patches and pins are perfect for any Star Wars fan. In fact, if you’re liking these pins, check out some of the other recent Star Wars additions at Walt Disney World celebrating The Empire Strikes Back and Heroines of the Force.

Astromech Droid Mug

R2-D2 stars on this mug that’s shaped to look like a can of oil. The inside is even black, just like the slick substance!