Disneyland Paris Photo Collection: Castle, Christmas Decorations and More

Ever since my first visit in 2017, Disneyland Paris’ castle park has been my favorite of the Magic Kingdom-esque destinations. And while the resort’s second gate, Walt Disney Studios Park currently leaves much to be desired, many exciting new changes are on the way. Even with several elements under refurbishment,  I’m still in love with every aspect of the “Euro Disney” resort.

Part of Disneyland Paris’ charm lies in the nostalgia it invokes for old folks like me, who were learning to appreciate Disney magic in the early 1990s right, as this resort was opening. Sure, some of it feels dated but it's also timeless and captures the joy guests felt when they first visited a Disney park. Below are some pictures we took during our recent visit to the enchanting Disney destination that is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Disneyland Paris

Sleeping Beauty Castle

I have more pictures of this castle than is necessary, and I love every single one. During the past year, the castle underwent a major refurbishment and just recently was unveiled. To celebrate the completed project, Disneyland Paris shared a video highlighting the changes made to the park icon.


The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin, The Swiss Family Robinson and Peter Pan are all represented in Adventureland. I don’t have all of the movies in these pictures, but I’m sharing the ones that are my favorite.

View from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

View from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse


Instead of Tomorrowland, Disneyland Paris has Discoveryland where guests will find Space Mountain, Autopia, Videopolis, the Nautilus, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, and Mickey’s Philharmagic. The area has a steampunk vibe and I don't think I’ve found a spot that isn’t photographic.

Disneyland Railroad

In all our years visiting the park, I’d never been on the Railroad. Well that changed on this trip. The Main Street and Frontierland stations were the only ones open, so we took the full journey around the park starting and ending on Main Street.


Main Street

Main Street was all decked out for Christmas! Mickey Mouse and his friends were dressed as snowmen and were sporting bright red (or green) scarves, gloves, hats and vests.

But the real highlight was the giant Christmas tree where guests could gather to take family photos. Below the tree (but sill 4 feet off the ground) was a jumbo toy train and colorful boxes of presents.

And leading the way to the castle were garlands and Mickey Mouse wreaths decorated with ribbons and ornaments.

Discovery Arcade

One of my favorite things about the park are the Arcades that line both sides of Main Street and provide an alternate walking route to the Hub as well as access to shops and restaurants. Here are a few pictures from the Discovery Arcade (right side facing the castle).

Walt Disney Studios Park

At Walt Disney Studios Park, the popular Partners statue greets guests letting them know they’re stepping into the movies.  

The lighting isn't great, but I love the silhouette

The lighting isn't great, but I love the silhouette

The Studio Theater is currently home to the Heroic Encounter where guests can meet several of the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy!

And since we had so many pictures of the castle, here are a few of Tower of Terror.

Thanks for joining us for this photo tour of Disneyland Paris. For more news and updates from the resort click here.

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