Photos: Avengers Campus Merchandise – Disneyland Paris

Bonjour, mes amis! We’re back at Disneyland Paris, this time for the opening of Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park! As you can imagine there are plenty of amazing things to experience, heroes to encounter and food and beverages to consume, but right now, we want to talk about merchandise!

At long last, Disneyland Paris’s Avengers Campus is about to open with recruitment officially beginning on July 20th. Ahead of the grand reveal, we had the incredible good fortune to be granted an early look at the land and nearly all of its offerings. So naturally one of the first things we checked out was the plethora of themed merchandise available at the Mission Equipment store.

There are two ways to access the store, the first is as you exit Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure, or from the land itself on the right hand side past the Spidey attraction. Here guests will find official Avengers merchandise specific to the land as well as some evergreen Marvel items. For this article, we’re focusing on items you can only find at Avengers Campus.

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure

Since Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure guides you out through a store; it only makes sense that the first half of Mission Equipment is dedicated to the attraction (with a few other odd pieces here and there). Now that you’ve had your fun shooting webs like Spider-Man and taking out an army of Spider-Bots, you’re going to want a companion of your own.

The base Spider-Bot (70,00€) has Spider-Man’s coloring, but these can be enhanced with tactical upgrades (25,00€ each) themed to Black Widow and Iron Man (in California, they also have a brand new Thor upgrade).

Need a place to store your Bot and its accessories? There's a tech backpack that features a stretchy silicon web on the front you secure the Bot and plenty of storage space on the inside.

If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks, there’s a miniature version of the Spider-Bot (25,00€) that you’re sure to love. You might not be able to battle with other Bots, but there’s light effects and movement to bring the essence of the characters to your home. And hey, it takes up even less space in your luggage!  

In terms of apparel, adults and kids alike will have styles to choose from including this S.P.D.R. Bot tee that little ones can rock. The back even features a “Progress Log” showing how things on the attraction went from bad to worse!

In a similar vein, adults can share their love of science with a “Stark Intern” shirt (starring Spider-Man and some of his recent doodles. While working as part of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade aka W.E.B., he’s used his down time to draw molecular structures, Black Panther’s mask, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy’s logos and even a tic tac toe game (X’s won)!

If you love the design concept of this shirt, check out the reversible bucket hat (25,00€) that’s covered in red and blue ink scribbles on one side and shows the W.E.B. logo on the other. Below the logo is the word “GeNiUS” but it’s spelled out with symbols for elements. So nerdy!

Another attraction shirt for adults features Spider-Man in mid jump as he’s identified by a scanner. Also in the same section are Spider-Man sweatpants and a short sleeve hoodie that are part of the Beyond Amazing collection celebrating the character’s 60th Anniversary.

If you haven’t yet collected Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop! figures, Ned and MJ are ready to follow you home! As for Peter Parker, his Funko Pop (20,00€) is themed to the W.E.B. and has him attacking a rogue Spider-Bot.

Fans can even bring Spider-Man to their mobile device with these iPhone 13 cases (40,00€) from Rhinoshield.

When it comes to home and on the go, there are bowls (13,00€), mugs, travel tumblers (15€-17€), and a four-piece beaker set (20,00€) to bring some Peter Parker and Avengers fun to your day.

For the pin collector, there are a handful of designs that are available as single pins (8€-13€) or part of a set (20,00€)

Disneyland Paris’ Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure is nearly identical to the attraction at Disney California Adventure, so many fans will already be familiar with the Web Power Bands (40,00€) and the tech upgrades (30,00€ each) that are available.

Currently fans can purchase electro-dynamic webs (Spider-Man), repulsor blasts (Iron Man) or mystic amplifiers (Doctor Strange). Each can be used on the ride to enhance your experience and boost your score with these exclusive powers.

Avengers Campus

Further into the store, guests will find enough Avengers Campus merchandise to make their hearts happy! So far, my favorite has been this small duffel (30,00€) that’s made of reflective material. But word of warning, if you’re making a getaway at night, don’t use this bag. Currently Avengers Campus has an offer that cuts the price of the bag in half (15,00€) when guests purchase 30,00€ or more in a single transaction.

For all you t-shirt fans out there, you might like this simple grey and black top (36,00€) showcasing the Avengers logo on the left side of the body. And for all the collectors, there’s a Quinjet display vehicle (15,00€) or a metal sign (70,00€) of the top and underside of the ship.

You can’t open a new land without some mugs! The first style shows Iron Man in front of the Avengers “A” on one side and the Avengers Campus opening on the other. As a bonus, this mug changes color when filled with hot liquid! Another option is the lightweight stainless steel mug (20,00€) that also includes the logos.

Several of the super heroes guests will encounter at Avengers Campus move around the area in a special car, known as the Avengers Deployment Vehicle. This automobile moves slowly with the hero standing in the back. While you can’t purchase a full size version, you can get the die-cast option (15,00€) for your collection.

Toast to the new land and its heroes with your favorite cold one! Just don’t forget to keep a bottle opener (9,00€)

handy. We love this magnetic option that also showcases the team initial. Assemble!

Additional logo merchandise includes a heather grey t-shirt (20,00€) featuring Iron Man and the land’s opening date, a journal (13,00€) with the Quinjet on inside covers and Pym, Flight Force and WEB buildings on the bottom of each page,

For your travel needs, there’s a durable backpack (50,00€); while Spirit Jersey fans will want to make room in their closets for the latest offering (65,00€); and keep your cash and cards handy with this faux leather snap wallet (16,00€) that features eight card slots.

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force is a thrilling roller coaster that will feel familiar to many DLP guests because it’s essentially the bones of Rock ‘n Roller Coaster avec Aerosmith with a MARVELous retheme! Iron Man and Captain Marvel are here to save the day, and you can join the fun in a vehicle built by Tony Stark. For merchandise there are shirts featuring Captain Marvel that are available in kids (18,99€) and adult sizes as well as an Iron Man tee (30,00€).

Another offering is a rather large (long) blue hoodie (56,00€) that reads “Avengers Assemble: Flight Force” with a space inspired logo that looks like it belongs at NASA. Interestingly, this shirt also features a sticker directing guests to Instagram via QR code. There’s even a QR code tag on the waistband of the hoodie.

Yes, I scanned it! The code on the tag didn’t work, but the sticker took me right to Instagram to try out a special filter! First it scanned my face then I was able to use head gestures to control the roller coaster vehicle through a field of asteroids while trying to collect hero icons. A successful mission resulted in an appearance by Iron Man and Captain Marvel congratulating me on the successful mission.

Miscellaneous Marvel Merchandise

In addition to all of the Avengers specific merchandise, guests can also pick up a variety of character themed apparel, accessories and memorabilia. Captain Marvel is represented on tees, a pillow, and a jacket.

For Captain America (Steve Rogers) there’s a classic black pocket shirt (25,99€) with his shield and “Sentinel of Liberty” on the back

Thor and Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) are the subject of kids costumes that include an armor body suit, cape and helmet/mask.

Groot fans will love the merchandise that features the talking tree as a toddler or “Baby Groot” as he’s lovingly known. He’s here on hats, shirts and as an adorable plush.

Iron Man brings some power and mystery to this baseball cap (28,00€) that lights up…we assume his eyes glow!

Finally, how could you say no to these Avengers Pez dispensers? Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk in the style of their early comics looks make a great addition to your collection.

Thanks for joining us on this Avengers Campus merchandise tour. Which items are on your shopping list? Stay tuned for more updates from Disneyland Paris all week long! À bientôt.

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