Photos: An Indepth Look at Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel

In anticipation of the opening of Fantasy Springs, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and take a trip to Tokyo Disney.

With six different hotels, the resort has plenty of options for different price points and experiences. Being my first trip, I decided to go all in. I booked a vacation package at the Toy Story Hotel making sure I got the coveted Fantasy Springs Magic Ticket (An all access ticket for the land and unlimited priority access to the 4 new attractions) and decided to try my luck for a reservation at Hotel MiraCosta. For those who are unaware of how booking hotels for the resort works, reservations for regular hotel stays can be booked exactly 4 months before the first day of your trip. Reservations go live at 11AM Japan time, and if you are not prepared you will miss out. Stays at the most popular resorts are gone in less than a minute. After struggling a bit to snag a few nights at MiraCosta, I was fully booked. Unfortunately for me, in the rush of securing a hotel, I did not select the correct number of nights for my stay and needed to play the lottery in hopes of booking another night. Even worse for me, the 4 month period for that night was the day Fantasy Springs Hotel reservations went live for the month of June. The queue to enter the website was hours long and by the time I entered the site, most reservations had already been taken. After days of refreshing the Tokyo Disney Resort hotel booking site hoping for a cancellation for any room at MiraCosta, I was shocked to see a room for Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs Hotel. I immediately booked it, and I’m so grateful I did. Let’s take a look at this incredible hotel.

Arriving at the exclusive entrance, guests must provide proof of stay. Non-guests are not allowed to enter the hotel at this time.

Lobby Area

This grand and ornate lobby was a joy to relax in. Several seating areas with large windows allowed guests to soak in the views of the immersive new Fantasy Springs. If you are a fan of the Walt Disney World Resort TV Today channel, the area music in the lobby was essentially that.

Rose Court

Just outside of the Lobby is the Rose Court. Consisting of a balcony and fountain area, it gave some gorgeous views of Fantasy Springs and access to the Beauty and the Beast themed rockwork fountain.

Fantasy Chateau and Guest Room

Fantasy Chateau is the less expensive of the two towers at Fantasy Springs Hotel. However, these rooms were still pricey. Equipped with two full sized beds and an alcove bed, Standard Rooms can sleep up to 5 people. Unfortunately, the Grand Chateau tower is limited to guests who are staying there so I did not get a chance to check it out.

Tokyo DisneySea Entrance and Inside the Park

Fantasy Springs Hotel has its own park entrance. Something important to note is this is the only private hotel entrance that opens with Happy Entry. MiraCosta’s private entrance does not become accessible until an hour after park opening. The gift shop for the hotel is also located inside the park meaning you can only access it with a park ticket.

Out of the three Tokyo Disney Resort hotels I had the pleasure of staying in, Fantasy Springs Hotel was my absolute favorite. While nothing beats the Mt. Prometheus view room I had at MiraCosta, Fantasy Springs Hotel was absolutely luxurious. The rooms were spacious and extremely comfortable, and I highly recommend trying to grab a night there next time you plan a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort.

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