You’ve seen Spider-Man take on all of his most iconic villains before, but probably not quite like this. Disney XD recently debuted the trailer for their new animated series LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Vexed by Venom.

  • LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Vexed by Venom premieres Saturday, August 3rd on Disney XD

Voice Cast:

  • Robbie Daymond (“Marvel’s Spider-Man”) as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
  • Ben Pronsky (“Aldnoah.Zero”) as Venom
  • Josh Keaton (“Voltron”) as Green Goblin
  • Laura Bailey (“Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”) as Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider
  • Tara Strong (“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”) as Mary Jane.

Official Synopsis:

  • In the special, tech theft is now at an all-time high thanks to Green Goblin & Venom– can our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man put an end to their mysterious villainous scheme before all of New York City is destroyed?

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