The D23 Expo app has finally arrived! Fans attending this year’s event will want to download this handy app for all the latest news, scheduling, maps and more.

What’s happening:

  • Today, D23 revealed their official D23 Expo app for smart devices.
  • Fans can now download the app which features an all-inclusive guide to D23 Expo 2019.
  • Here attendees will find all the need-to-know information about the largest Disney fan event in the world!
  • Download the free app via the App Store or Google Play.

Highlights of the D23 Expo app:

  • This new download will feature:
    • Up to date news about panels, presentations, and screenings
    • Comprehensive guide to all the activities that will be happening on the show floor
    • Calendars and schedule to plan every magical day of D23 Expo 2019
  • Attendees will also be able to “favorite” the events they want to attend, and will receive a pre-event reminder notification!
  • Guests will also be able to connect their D23 Expo badge to the app to view their confirmed online reservations.

  • Fans can also use the interactive map to locate where all the action is including:
    • Presentations
    • Panels
    • Shopping locations
    • Photo spots
    • And more

  • Download the app today to get the most out of your D23 Expo experience.

In other news:

  • Additionally, D23 announced today on Twitter that single-day tickets for Friday, August 23 were sold out.

Single-day tickets remain available for Sunday, August 24.