New Area Music Incorporating Songs From Animated Films Playing in Select World Showcase Pavilions at Epcot

Frequent visitors to Epcot at Walt Disney World may have subconsciously (or maybe even just outright) noticed something was a little different as they took a stroll around World Showcase’s promenade as the area background music in some pavilions has incorporated some new tracks.

What’s Happening:

  • As the evolution of Epcot at Walt Disney World continues, some of the changes aren’t just limited to demolishing buildings and constructing new pathways to drastically alter the park, but rather more subliminal using the existing infrastructure.
  • Noticed prominently in the China, France, and Mexico pavilions, the area background music has been changed to also include instrumental (and culturally accurate) versions of songs included in animated features that took place in their respective country.
  • The France pavilion, (though at press time was barely loud enough to be noticed) now incorporates tracks from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ratatouille, and Beauty and the Beast, while in China, songs from Mulan have been added to the mix. Over in the Mexico pavilion, sharp-eared visitors may notice tracks from Coco and The Three Caballeros mixed in to the loop.
  • The new music loop is playing throughout the France pavilion, where Beauty and the Beast and Ratatouille attractions are getting ready to open soon as the milestone transformation of Epcot continues.
  • Over in Mexico and China, the new music seems to only be playing on speakers lining the World Showcase promenade, and not deeper into the pavilions themselves.
  • At this time, the new music was only noticed in the France, China, and Mexico pavilions, though with a new nighttime show that is heavily influenced by the different cultures and musical stylings in various Disney features (HarmonioUS) on the way, as well as new attractions further on the horizon such as one based on Mary Poppins, we can almost be sure that this new background music style may be incorporated into the rest of World Showcase at some point in the future.

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