Who doesn’t want to interact with their favorite superheroes in their own home? With Amazon Alexa, Young Marvel fans can now team up with some of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe and go on their own, unique audio-adventures.

  • In Marvel’s Project M.I.N.D. fans embark on empowering missions with Wakanda’s greatest scientist, Princess Shuri, as a mentor and guide.
  • Kids can run calculations, solve brain teasers, and explore the topics of Science, Technology & Engineering, and Mathematics alongside some of their favorite characters.
  • Users will be challenged to apply their academic knowledge as well as their problem solving skills to proceed through a serialized, narrative experience.

  • With Marvel Hero Training, True Believers embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Kids can answer wild "what-ifs" to get matched up with some of their favorite Marvel Super Heroes, including Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and more.
  • Together, they’ll receive high-stakes missions that'll challenge even the toughest of trainees. Users will be inspired to get up and move, and explore imaginative play all the while helping heroes save the world.
  • Marvel’s Project M.I.N.D. and Marvel Hero Training are now available with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and Echo Dot Kids Edition.
  • Echo Dot Kids Edition offers an Alexa experience designed specifically for kids with kid-friendly responses to questions, educational Q&A, kid-focused podcasts, and more. You can order Echo Dot Kids Edition now.

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