Learn to Draw an Elephant With Artist David Derrick

Disney fans can learn how to draw a lion in today’s installment of Draw With Disney Animation.

What’s happening:

  • National Geographic is inviting everyone to celebrate Earth Day with a Neighborhood Safari, and what better way to do that than by drawing animals?
  • Disney’s David Derrick is back to teach another animal art lesson. Today he’s showing fans how to draw a lion.

  • Derrick’s instructions are easy to follow and he even suggests ways to give the drawing a finishing touch, such as adding color with crayons, markers, or water color paints.
  • Did you know, Derrick worked as a storyboard artist on the live-action version of The Lion King? Guess that’s why he’s so good at drawing lions!

  • And there you have it! The lion is ready to join the elephant for the NatGeo Neighborhood Safari.

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