Disney-Pixar’s in-house a capella group The Pixar Singers have shared a special performance of a new original song titled “All At Once.”

  • The purpose of the new video shared on the Pixar YouTube page was to lift the spirits of those who are sheltering in place.
  • It was also dedicated to all the frontline workers and their families.
  • The music and lyrics for “All At Once” were written by Julia Cho and Barney Jones.

ICYMI – More Pixar news:

  • Kids, and even some adults, will find charming new toys that may even cause some… Joy… inside their golden-arch emblazoned box when they buy a Happy Meal at their local McDonald’s. Last month’s Happy Meal toy campaign featured plush hangables of some of our favorite characters from Pixar Animation Studios!
  • A new Pixar film is heading this way next summer, from the director of “La Luna” and the producer of “Lava” and Cars 3. Luca is about a boy and one amazing summer on the Italian Riviera and will debut in June 2021.
  • Toy Story’s Little Green Men are the spotlight of the new Alien Remix Collection from shopDisney. Fans can acquire the new assortment of items that include stationary, pajamas, sweatshirts and more as shopDisney celebrates all things Pixar. Then on August 15, the collection continues with a new release of Alien Remix Plush and Pins!
  • With a little help from Monsters Inc., Dole Food Company and Disney are taking the terror out of produce and making fruits and vegetables more fun and accessible. Dole has launched a new summer program that will help families discover tasty recipes that incorporate healthy foods.