This morning the popular toy company Hasbro held another of its regular Fan First Friday live stream events, in which it unveiled some new and upcoming Star Wars action figures, playsets, and one full-scale lightsaber.

Up first, some new details were revealed for the Target-exclusive Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon vehicle, including that the ship can be swapped between Original Trilogy and Smugglers Run versions, with a unique radar dish and various sound effects for each. The vehicle also comes packaged with Hondo Ohnaka and Chewbacca action figures, plus a handful of Porgs.

And Hondo Ohnaka will also be getting his own separate figure release in the 3 ¾-inch The Vintage Collection line, complete with a Galaxy’s Edge-inspired cardback.

Up next, the Hasbro Pulse team revealed a new Vintage Collection Tantive IV playset inspired by the first ship to ever appear in a Star Wars movie. Multiple copies of this playset can be combined to build out the ship’s iconic hallways, and a Rebel Trooper figure will be included on a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story cardback.

A new Darth Vader figure on a Rogue One cardback will also be available separately, so collectors will have a villain to face off against those Rebel Troopers.

The biggest announcement this week came in the form of the new “Celebrate the Saga” collection, which compiles eight different sets of kid-focused figures depicting classic characters across a variety of factions with simple five-point articulation: The Rebel Alliance, The Resistance, The First Order, The Jedi Order, The Galactic Republic, The Empire, Bounty Hunters, and the Sith.

In the larger-scale six-inch The Black Series line, Hasbro announced a new GameStop-exclusive Electrostaff Purge Trooper figure from the Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order video game.

Up next is the Phase 1 Clone Trooper Lieutenant from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, which will be a Walgreens exclusive.

The final reveal this week was for the new Emperor Palpatine Force FX Elite Lightsaber, which features a lot of cool new visual and audio effects.

Lastly, the Hasbro Pulse team gave another tease for the next HasLab project, which they say will be revealed in September for The Vintage Collection.

These Hasbro Star Wars toys will be released throughout the year, and many of them will become available for pre-order today at 4:00 PM on the official Hasbro Pulse website.