Vita Ayala makes their NEW MUTANTS debut this December, launching the book into a thrilling new era as the series’ new writer! Ayala will be joined by artist Rod Reis, a rising superstar who’s already brought his unique and kinetic art style to earlier issues of the hit series.

  • On the edge of mutant society, the younger generation of X-Men cut loose in the Wild Hunt—going big, blowing things up, and combining powers to see who gets crowned king of the mountain.
  • In the aftermath of “X of Swords,” a mysterious threat has taken root on Krakoa.
  • This ancient enemy is powerful, hungry, and all too familiar to the New Mutants, and it’ll take X-Men from all generations to stop it.
  • Join Magik, Dani Moonstar, Karma, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Warlock, Scout, and more of your favorites in an unpredictable series that will explore uncharted territory of the new mutant status quo that kicked off in Jonathan Hickman’s groundbreaking House of X.
  • It all begins when “New Mutants #14” hits stands in December.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Vita Ayala: “The New Mutants (as a group of characters, and as a book) are the center of the Venn diagram of things that I love, and I am honored and stoked as all get out to be able to follow Jonathan [Hickman] and Ed [Brisson] on the title. The New Mutants are perfectly situated to start digging into some of the weird and dangerous stuff that lies just under the surface of the new Krakoan nation, to go poking at things that bite back, so expect them to be getting into all sorts of trouble… *ominous laugh*”

ICYMI – More Marvel news:

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  • Marvel Comics continue to explore a new era of mutant stories and their latest adventure is about to unfold! The January, readers will discover the more of the new generation of mutants in “Children of the Atom #1.”
  • Next month Marvel Comic readers can join a group of young superhero outlaws as they come together to take on the world in Champions #1. Marvel shared a trailer for the upcoming series featuring artwork from the premiere issue.