Marvel Studios Invites Super Fans to Apply for a Chance to Take Part in a New Documentary Series Coming to Disney+

Marvel Studios is creating a brand new documentary series for Disney+ dedicated to the strong and inspiring women who bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life both behind and in front of the camera. Marvel has put out a casting call for a few super fans to be a part of this exciting new project.

  • You can apply for the opportunity of a lifetime and potentially be picked to be a part of this new documentary series from Marvel Studios.
  • Those who are fans of Marvel’s strong women and would love to participate in this groundbreaking documentary are invited to apply here.
  • Not much is known about this new documentary series at this time, aside from the fact that it will be coming to Disney+ and will focus on the “Super Power Women” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Captain Marvel, Gamora, Okoye, Black Widow and more.

ICYMI – More Marvel news:

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