Disney Paper Parks Celebrates The Holidays With 12 DIY Ornaments Representing Disney Parks Around the Globe

Disney Paper Parks is getting in on the holiday fun, this year by sharing a new set of printable activity sheets to create 12 different ornaments, each inspired by a different Disney Park around the globe.

What’s Happening:

  • As part of the Disney Paper Parks series, a new set of printable activity sheets have arrived from Walt Disney Imagineers, complete with instructions on how to create these 3D, diorama inspired ornaments. 
  • Each DIY ornament is inspired by one of the Disney Parks around the world, and with 12 ornaments and 12 days left until Christmas, you can (if you choose!) do one each day counting down until the holiday!
  • The ornament designs were created by Imagineers:
    • Stephanie Jazmines
    • Amy Young
    • Claire Weiss
    • Bryce Schulte
    • Greg Ashton
    • Ron Lee
  • It is recommended to print the activity sheets at their actual size, not scaling them to fit the page. Disney Parks also wishes to share that by printing the sheets, you acknowledge and agree that these materials are being provided to you for personal, non-commercial use.
  • Recently, Disney Paper Parks finished off a 5-part series where fans could build the complete facade of the iconic Disneyland attraction, the Haunted Mansion, as well as other locations within and even the facade of the Magic Kingdom incarnation of the attraction as well.
  • Other projects include:
  • You can find more Disney Paper Parks projects here.

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