The Global Disney Ambassador Team Works Together To Find the Holiday Spirit

The entire Global Disney Ambassador team assembles to find the meaning of the holidays and share what the spirit of the season means to them at their parks and resorts around the world to come to the rescue when a Disney Ambassador has lost the holiday spirit!

All around the world, join the Disney Ambassadors as they try holiday treats, decorate with festive decorations, spend time in the Disney Parks, sing holiday tunes, give gifts, help those in need, watch their favorite holiday movies, and celebrate the holiday season together to bring back the holiday spirit.

Other Disney Parks News:

  • Disney has released some new promo images showcasing many of the performances for their annual Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade on ABC.
  • New episodes of Disney Insider, the Disney+ show that gives a behind-the-scenes peak at the newest projects throughout the company, have been released. Many of these new episodes highlight new projects from and related to the Disney Parks.
  • Disney Parks have released a small teaser for their annual Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade television event on ABC.
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