Mattel’s New Line of Star Wars Galactic Pals Plush Debut at Target

If you’ve ever wanted to be the caregiver to a Star Wars creature, Mattel is bringing you one step closer with their new Star Wars Galactic Pals line of plush. Designed for kids (and cosplayers!), these adorable big-eyed characters are themed to a new series of Star Wars shorts and are on sale now.

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UPDATE (6/13/2022): After an initial debut at Target, the Star Wars Galactic Pals have arrived at shopDisney too! All four beloved characters are available now and are the perfect gift for young Star Wars fans.

What’s Happening: 

  • When it comes to kids, the Star Wars galaxy is exploring the stories of our favorite characters with an extra cute twist.
  • has announced a new series of micro-shorts on the Star Wars Kids website titled Star Wars Galactic Pals.
  • In addition to the shorts, Lucasfilm and Mattel have teamed up to launch a line of character plush themed to the animated series that kids (and collectors) will adore. Among the first Galactic Pals available to fans are:
    • Ewok
    • Wookiee
    • Jawa
    • Rodian
  • Made with a vinyl head and plush body, the cuddly creatures feature chibi and cartoon elements such as large eyes and warm smiles that are instantly charming and inviting.

  • But the play time fun doesn’t stop with the toy, each character also comes with a satchel so kids can tote their pals with them on every adventure.
  • Star Wars Galactic Pals sell for $29.99 and are available online on shopDisney and in store at Target. 
  • Links to individual items can be found below.

What They’re Saying:

  • Brian Merten, senior manager, Product Design, Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing: “We made conscious efforts to keep Galactic Pals in a place where kids and fans can form relationships with and care for a being that is very different from them. Sort of like the relationship that we see between Grogu and the Mandalorian.”
  • Brian Merten: “This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my design career. I’m incredibly proud of where we’ve landed with these designs as the Lucasfilm and Mattel teams worked incredibly hard to find the right look and feel for Galactic Pals.”

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