Fiesta Village at Knott’s Berry Farm Goes Under Refurbishment

Knott’s Berry Farm has teased a refurbishment of the Fiesta Village, as construction walls have gone up within that area of the park.

What’s Happening:

  • Fiesta Village originally opened at Knott’s Berry Farm in 1969, seeing many attractions come and go over the years.
  • Today, the area is home to the Montezooma’s Revenge and Jaguar roller coasters, as well as the park’s antique carousel, tea cups, amongst others.
  • Following Knott’s posting this image promising a fiesta in summer 2023, construction walls went up around a large portion of Fiesta Village, as shown in these photos from Twitter user @Hubert_Wong2:

  • No specifics have been announced, but expect at least a refresh of the buildings themselves.
  • The Mexican-inspired menu from La Papa Loca will instead be offered at Wilderness Broiler on the other side of the park.
  • This refurbishment is taking place concurrently with a year plus refurbishment for the classic Montezooma’s Revenge roller coaster.

More California Theme Park News:

  • Yesterday, Knott’s Berry Farm opened their brand new quick-service Italian food eatery, Prop Shop Pizzeria.
  • The world’s longest, tallest single-rail coaster and the record breaking 20th coaster for Six Flags Magic Mountain, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage, is officially set to open on Saturday, July 16th!
  • Cedar Fair, the owner of California’s Great America in Santa Clara, CA, have announced that the park’s land has been sold, and that they will continue to operate the park under a lease agreement for up to 11 years, before permanently closing the park.