Marvel Legends Joe Fixit Figure Coming Exclusively to Walmart in Summer 2023

Hasbro is turning to The Incredible Hulk comics for the next addition to the Marvel Legends line of action figures and this time their inspiration comes from Joe Fixit. This alter ego of Hulk might not be someone you want to mess with, but he will look awesome among your Marvel collectibles.

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What’s Happening:

  • Don’t make him angry! You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry! Bruce Banner’s super powered alter ego, Hulk is one massive being and when Hulk shows up, you know he means business.
  • Fortunately, it appears that Hulk has managed to keep his cool (sorta) with his own alter ego, Joe Fixit.
  • Hasbro is giving Joe his chance in the spotlight with an all new action figure designed to give fans the best of Hulk and Bruce in one professional package.

  • See, he’s traded his shirtless look and torn trousers for a classy suit, tie and fedora, but make no mistake, Joe Fixit still has all that brawn hiding beneath the fancy threads.
  • The Marvel Legends line features 6-inch scale action figures, and Joe Fixit is just a tad taller than the rest coming in at 8.1 inches tall.

  • As always, Marvel Legends figures feature premium detail, deco, and multiple points of articulation making them great for imaginative play or dynamic display.
  • The Joe Fixit Marvel Legends figure will be available exclusively at Walmart in summer 2023.
  • Check back soon for a link to this incredible collectible.


“Joe Fixit, Bruce Banner’s alter-alter-ego, trades scruples for extra intelligence, giving him the will and the way to act outside the moral boundaries of both Bruce and The Hulk.”


  • Ages 4 years & up
  • Approx. Retail Price: $38.99
  • Available this Summer exclusively at Walmart
  • Includes figure and 5 comics-inspired accessories

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