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Hosted and executive produced by comedic superstar Tiffany Haddish, the hilarious reimagined format showcases a mix of in-studio segments and taped pieces from across the country, all set in front of a live studio audience.

Kids Say the Darndest Things Episode List

Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
11 1/12/2020 A Thousand Thumbs Up!
4 10/27/2019 Stick It to ‘Em
3 10/20/2019 Dad, plug your ears! This week’s extraordinary kids include an 11-year-old aspiring comedian who tries to take Tiffany’s job, a 9-year-old yodeler and a fast-talking energetic 7-year-old. Later, Tiffany asks an 11-year-old to fire someone on her staff (guest star Rob Huebel); takes a group of kids on a tour of her latest art installation, “She Art, By Tiffany Haddish”; and meets some kids from Harlem who teach her how to double dutch, east coast style.
2 10/13/2019 Taylor Swift is My Friend Kids these days are mature beyond their years. This week, we meet a 3-year-old makeup artist, a 7-year-old with his own ball-cleaning business and a 10-year-old who helps Tiffany make nice with her ex-boyfriend. Over drinks in New York City, a trio of Shirley Temple-sipping girls give Tiffany advice about reconciling with an estranged friend, and the three Taylor Swift superfans from episode one are treated to the biggest surprise of their lives.
1 10/6/2019 You’re Famous, But You Ain’t All That The premiere episode’s first guests include a panel of future rock princesses that question her friendship with one of their favorite musicians, two 6-year-olds discuss all the weird things grown-ups do and a musical prodigy that has Tiffany singing the blues. Later, Tiffany convinces some kids to film a commercial for her fake product, She Ready Dessert Ketchup.

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