Celebrate 4/26 aka Alien Day with New Collectibles, Toys and Attire

We know Star Wars Day is coming in May but today it’s time to celebrate another franchise, Alien. What are we talking about? LV-426! The deep space moon serves as the setting of Aliens and today 4/26 aka Alien Day is the perfect time to pay homage to the iconic film.

Ripley and crew have had some interesting if not terrifying adventures and in the spirit of the hit franchise, several retailers are turning their attention to Aliens as they highlight new toys, collectibles and apparel. 2021 also marks the 35th anniversary of the beloved sequel directed by James Cameron.

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Alien Day Merchandise

Alien Day brings along with it all-new toys and collectibles including an exclusive collection of Alien offerings at Game Stop and an all-new collection of apparel from La Femme En Noir.

Fans can also snag all-new comics and publishing, and there will be even more Xenomorph action this summer when Aliens: Fireteam, the all-new survival shooter video game arrives.

Alien x La Femme En Noir Collection

Loot Crate – Alien Capsule Collection

“Stow aboard the Nostromo and celebrate the classic 1979 sci-fi horror film Alien with a capsule collection so good it’ll make your chest burst!”

Alien Capsule Collection – Loot Crate


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