David Henrie Shares More Magical Details About Filming “Wizards Beyond Waverly Place”

Star of the new Wizards Beyond Waverly Place David Henrie gives fans behind the scenes insights on what it has been like creating this sequel show.

What’s Happening:

  • US Weekly shared a new exclusive interview with David Henrie, the star of Disney’s Wizard’s Beyond Waverly Place. 
  • The series is a spin-off of Disney Channel’s hit original sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place starring Selena Gomez, David Henrie, and Jake T Austin.
  • Fans of the original series are sure to be thrilled with Gomez and Henrie’s reunion. Henrie claims that the homecoming was just as special for the pair as it will be for fans to watch.
  • Henrie praised Gomez saying “It was awesome. We didn’t want it to end. It was great…She’s so good. She has such a quick wit that’s only gotten stronger.”
  • Gomez and Henrie will reprise their roles as Alex and Justin Russo respectively.
  • Henrie also teased some potentially emotional moments, sharing “We have a couple scenes that I think will choke up the original fan of the original show, and they’re really touching, and they went really well. So, I’m excited for you to see it,”
  • In the new series, Justin has chosen to live a normal life with his family when Alex shows up with Billie, a wizard-in-training, asking for help. He’ll have to make his magical knowledge reappear, balancing the responsibilities of his day-to-day life and the future of the Wizarding World.
  • David DeLuise, who played Jerry Russo, will also return to the series.
  • Henrie hopes to have original cast members back as often as possible for this family friendly new series.
  • Read the full interview here.

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