Ahead of the reopening of their resorts, Disney is turning to their favorite Supers—The Incredibles—to encourage guests to use their powers to protect others by following new health and safety guidelines. Along with the heroes, Disney’s own Incredi-Crew Cast Members will be at the resorts to answer questions and help educate guests on the new procedures.

What’s happening:

  • As Disney Parks around the world begin to reopen and prepare to welcome back guests, each location is following enhanced health and safety guidelines from their local governments designed to protect the visitors and employees alike.  
  • Today, the Disney Parks Blog has shared some of the new ways that Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and soon Disneyland Paris will be encouraging guests to have an “incredible” Disney day while protecting themselves and others.
  • When guests plan their next vacation to these resorts, they’ll receive some helpful tips from Pixar’s team of superheroes—known as The Incredibles—on some of the biggest ways they can practice their health and safety powers.
  • But that’s not all, Disney Parks will have their own heroic Cast Member team in action to answer questions, provide tips, and educate guests on new protocols and safety standards. This team is known as the Incredi-Crew and they’re already hard at work at Disney Springs!
  • These Super tips and more will be available in the coming weeks as Disney gets ready for the reopening of more theme parks.

Incredibles Super Safety:   

  • As guests plan for their next visit to Disney’s magical destinations, they’ll encounter health and safety tips from the Incredibles reminding them to:
    • Keep their cool like Frozone.
    • Practice physical distancing with Mrs. Incredible.
    • Let Dash, the fastest kid around, show them the importance of dashing off to wash hands frequently.
    • Suit up with Edna Mode – face coverings aren’t just smart, they’re stylish, too, dahling!

Cast Member Incredi-Crew:

  • Cast Members at The Walt Disney World Resort are already incredible and will be instrumental in promoting these easy-to-share tips.
  • All Cast Members will help guests remember the advice from our favorite Supers, led by the Incredi-Crew.
  • The Incredi-Crew has already taken to the streets at Disney Springs, explaining new procedures, answering guest questions, and encouraging everyone to follow these measures for the health and safety of everyone.
  • As the squad expands to other locations, they’ll be a great resource for safety procedures, questions about mask use and physical distancing.
  • Guests can identify Incredi-Crew Cast Members by their cheerful yellow shirts and bright blue face coverings.

More Disney Parks News:

  • Disney Parks around the world have started to reopen with great success.
  • For more information about the health and safety measures at Disney resorts, check out the recent update from Dr. Pam Hymel, chief medical officer for Disney Parks.
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