Ever since it was announced that Disney had purchased the rights to a filmed-on-stage version of Hamilton, fans have wondered whether the performance might include some edits. Now, taking to Twitter, Lin-Manuel Miranda has confirmed that two instances of strong language will be removed from the film.

What’s happening:

  • Yesterday, a new trailer for Hamilton was released, notably displaying a PG-13 rating.
  • This reveal only increased speculation that the streaming version of the Broadway smash might feature some slightly altered lyrics.
  • Indeed, it seems that two instances of the “f” word will be censored from the film, as mandated by the MPAA’s rules for what is allowed in a PG-13 feature.
  • Answering a fan question on Twitter, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote that the song “Yorktown” will mute the offending word in the line “I get the **** back up again" while a record scratch will be obscure the line “Southern mother****in' Democratic Republicans” in “Washington on Your Side.”
  • Miranda implies that one f-bomb will remain in the show.
  • He goes on to remind audiences that, “you can sing whatEVER you like at home (even sync up the album)!”
  • The tweets in question can be viewed here but do include adult language.
  • Hamilton will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting July 3rd.

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