Disney Channel is giving audiences even more seasonal music offerings this year through the Disney Music Vevo channel on YouTube. Today, they released two new songs, “Puppy for Hanukkah” and a “Joy to the World” remix.

What’s Happening:

  • Seasons Greetings! This year more than ever we need some happy music to celebrate the holidays, and Disney musicians are delivering!
  • Disney Channel has shared two songs and music videos themed to Hanukkah and Christmas. The new music is part of Disney Channel’s Holidays Unwrapped content that includes:
    • Music Videos
    • Shorts
    • Show Clips
    • Cast Chats
    • And More!

“Puppy for Hanukkah”

  • Singer, actor, and Hamilton star Daveed Diggs has a brand new song for Hanukkah, and the internet is loving it!
  • The video features three kids lip syncing the lyrics and acting out the story of the song while Diggs sings/raps about hoping to receive a puppy during one of the eight nights of Hanukkah.
  • Diggs and the excited youngsters take the audience through their week-plus celebration of the holiday complete with disappointment at receiving socks on the first night.
  • And at one point in the song Diggs even recites an entire traditional prayer/blessing before admitting, “don’t know what it means but I learned it phonetic.” Check it out:

“Joy to the World”

  • Meg Donnelly and Kialani Mills have put their own updated and harmonious twist on the classic Christmas carol.
  • While not nearly as exciting and dramatic as “Puppy for Hanukkah” the duo brings their own magic to the simple setting that changes color a few times for a truly festive look.
  • Raven’s Home star, Isaac Ryan Brown makes a special guest appearance and adds an all-original verse to the song.
  • “Joy to the World” will be featured in Disney Channel Epic Holiday Showdown! airing on Sunday, December 6th at 7pm ET/PT.

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