“Alligator Loki” Infinity Comic Now Available on Marvel Unlimited

“Alligator Loki” launches exclusively on Marvel Unlimited today in the Infinity Comics format. In the first issue, “Family Bonding,” Alligator Loki and Thor get to know one another at an Asgardian amusement park.

  • The series creative team includes writer Alyssa Wong, artist Robert Quinn, and colorist Pete Pantazis.
  • New issues of the 12-part series will be available every other Friday.
  • For his entire life Thor has only known one brother, Loki. Known to all as conniving, sneaky, and cunning! But a new Loki is ready to take his place. He may be smaller, he may be cuter, and… an alligator?! But don’t be deceived, Alligator Loki has all the same attributes as his human counterpart and is ready to get into some trouble!

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