Jenny and Andre Talk With The Cast and Crew of “Turning Red” In Latest “What’s Up Disney+”

Another week brings another edition of the Disney+ YouTube Series, What’s Up Disney+, with a closer look at the latest high-profile feature to hit the streaming service, Pixar Animation Studios’ Turning Red.

What’s Happening:

  • What’s Up Disney+, the popular YouTube series from Disney+ that showcases what’s happening on the streaming platform, is taking a closer look at the latest film from Pixar Animation Studios that skipped theaters and debuted directly on Disney+, Turning Red.
  • The voice cast of the kids in the film appear, including Rosalie Chiang (Mei Lin), Ava Morse (Miriam), and others to create their perfect boy band featuring characters found on Disney+. Let’s just say Flynn Rider will definitely be included.
  • Then, the conversation gets serious when Producer Lindsey Collins appears to discuss the themes and plot of the film now streaming on Disney+. Director Domee Shi appears to share how personal the story is, especially the bond between the friends of the “dork squad.”

  • The series also showcases some new titles that are set to debut on Disney+, including the new Cheaper by the Dozen, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a new sing-along edition of Encanto.
  • After that, in honor of Women’s History Month, Jenny and Andre form a watchlist of titles that are great to celebrate with, including:
  • And of course, all those titles mentioned as well as titles mentioned throughout the show are now streaming on or are coming soon to Disney+.

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