McDonald’s is celebrating the release of Pixar’s Elemental with the latest range of Happy Meal toys.

What’s Happening:

  • Happy Meal toys featuring Wade, Ember, and the rest of the cast of Pixar’s Elemental are now available at participating McDonald’s locations.
  • Each of these eight toys feature characters from Elemental.

The list of “Elemental” McDonald’s Happy Meal toys includes:

  • Gale
  • Wade
  • Bernie
  • Clod
  • Lutz
  • Ember on a Scooter
  • Ember Wetro
  • Wade Wetro

  • Fans of Elemental can also explore Element City with a phone / tablet game at

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Elemental is now playing in theaters everywhere. Check out Ben’s review of the film “destined to be the next Pixar classic.”

Luke Manning
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