Disney+ Watch Guide: Week of November 29th, 2019 – Walt Disney’s Birthday Edition

Another week on Disney+ brings new episodes of your favorite exclusives, but our library selections highlight two infamous birthdays. November 30th marks the 184th birthday of Samuel Langhorn Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. His fictional novels inspired Disney Parks and have been adapted as films by Disney numerous times. But more important to Disney fans is Walt Disney’s birthday on December 5th, who would be turning 118 this week. We’ve curated a selection of some Walt-themed content to celebrate his big day.

New Exclusives

One Day at Disney

Debuting Tuesday, December 3rd, One Day At Disney is a spectacular collaboration between Disney Publishing Worldwide and Disney+. The new, 224-page coffee table book and the documentary series will both arrive on December 3, highlighting the talented men and women who bring life to some of Disney’s most beloved stories.

The Mandalorian – “Chapter 4”

The Mandalorian teams up with an ex-soldier to protect a village from raiders.

The Imagineering Story – “Hit or Miss”

After a tragic downturn, Michael Eisner steps back from creative stress and hires business minded managers to fill the void. The pendulum swings from art to commerce. The Imagineers enter an era of austerity. While some projects enjoy enormous success, others are cancelled, and still others, disappoint. The pattern seems irreversible.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – “Block”

After Nini discovers that E.J. isn’t who she thinks he is, Ashlyn gets caught in the middle. Gina and E.J. team up as “wonderstudies” and Ricky gets an unexpected visitor at home.

Encore! – “Grease – 1990 – Hackensack, NJ”

Twenty-eight years ago, classmates from Hackensack, New Jersey performed the Broadway classic “Grease.” Now, the cast returns to reprise the roles of their youth with the help of Broadway professionals.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum – “Denim”

Jeff Goldblum slips into the tight-fitting world of denim to explore its transformation from a workman’s uniform to an empowering statement of identity. He adventures down abandoned mine shafts with “Indiana Jeans;” seeks out vintage denim at America’s biggest flea market; and joins Texan denim-clad line dancers all while he uncovers the fascinating history of the garment that took over the world.

Marvel Hero Project – “Here Comes Hailey”

When Hailey’s grandmother started to suffer from Alzheimer’s, Hailey was afraid she would lose the close bond they shared. So Hailey found a way to connect. Through the power of puzzles, Hailey teaches other kids dealing with their loved ones’ dementia how to make connections for a strong family. Now, Marvel will recognize her compassionate work as she becomes part of Marvel’s Hero Project.

Forky Asks a Question: “What is Time?”

Rex uses the age of real dinosaurs as an example to give Forky an understanding of the concept of time.

Disney Family Sundays – “Up: Map”

Create your own map to Paradise Falls using a real map of the world, felt, glue, tape, string, push pins, and paper stencils.

Library Highlights

Mark Twain’s Birthday – November 30th

Tom and Huck

Mark Twain’s classic story of Tom Sawyer is retold faithfully, albeit with an altered title, in this 1995 film adaptation starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas at the height of his career.

The Adventures of Huck Finn

1993’s The Adventures of Huck Finn is a wonderful screen adaptation of Mark Twain’s follow up to Tom Sawyer starring Elijah Wood.

A Kid in King Arthur’s Court

Inspired by A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, this 1995 retelling took a modern teenager and sent him back to the days of the round table. For extra credit, you can also watch the less entertaining Unidentified Flying Oddball from 1979, which is another take on the same Mark Twain novel.

Walt Disney’s Birthday – December 5th

Saving Mr. Banks

Tom Hanks stars as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks, a film about the making of Mary Poppins and the challenges P.L. Travers faced in letting her cherished stories be adapted for the big screen.

The Reluctant Dragon

Comedian Robert Benchley visits the Walt Disney Studios with the intention of pitching a story to Walt Disney, but ends up on a rare studio tour. See Walt himself on the big screen years before he was a weekly guest in living rooms across America.

Disneyland Around the Seasons

Get in the holiday spirit and celebrate Walt Disney’s birthday with this 1966 episode of The Wonderful World of Color that aired a few days after Walt Disney’s death. In this special, Walt Disney shows off some of the newest additions to the park including it’s a small world and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln before showcasing the holiday parade (featuring the Reluctant Dragon himself) and the Candlelight Processional.

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