Anyone who’s visited Epcot in recent years knows that the park has built an identity around celebrating. From the various festival that now take place nearly year-round to the park’s very concept that celebrates innovation, culture, and… Guardians of the Galaxy, apparently. In any case, it’s no surprise that Epcot is now set to release new merchandise that celebrates multiple aspects of the park — from the iconic Spaceship Earth to some of the countries of World Showcase to an Instagram-famous destination in Future World.

As Disney Style reveals, some new sets of ears will be making their way to store shelves soon enough. While each of these items includes a Spaceship Earth-inspired pattern on a poofy ear shape, four of the new headbands depict a few flags from different countries while the fifth aims to replicate the “Bubble Gum Wall.”

First up, ears featuring the flags of the United Kingdom, France, Mexico and Germany:

Then we come to the new Bubble Gum Wall ears, appropriately modeled in front of the real thing:

The site says these ears should be arriving in Epcot soon, so be sure to keep an eye — or an ear — out for them.

So will you be picking up any of these new ears? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know!



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