Walt Disney World Introducing Advanced Lightning Lane Reservations, Updated Naming Coming to Both Coasts

Walt Disney World is making some major changes to its Genie+ service — including changing the product’s name and allowing guests to book some attraction reservations in advance.

What’s Happening:

  • Last year, Disney teased the possibility of bringing advanced scheduling capabilities to Genie+. Now, that’s coming to fruition.
  • First, Disney Genie+ will be getting a new name: Lightning Lane Multi Pass. What is currently known as Individual Lightning Lane will become Lightning Lane Single Pass.
  • Starting July 24th, Walt Disney World guests will be able to purchase Lightning Lane Multi Pass and select up to three Lightning Lane attractions in advance of their visit.
  • Additionally, Lightning Lane Single Pass attractions will also be bookable in advance.
  • Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels will be able to make their selections up to 7 days advance of their stay (and book selection for their entire stay, up to 14 days).
  • All other guests will be able to make selections up to 3 days in advance at 7:00 a.m.
  • Notably, guests can preview available selections before completing their transaction.
  • Tiers will be in use for the service at all parks except for Animal Kingdom, allowing guests to pick 1 popular attraction from one group and then two from a lower tier.
  • On the day of their visit, once guests utilize their first Lightning Lane reservation, they’ll be able to book additional return times.
  • Day-of Lightning Lane Multi Pass will continue to be available as well. Similar to the advance selection process, guests purchasing Multi Pass on the day of their visit will start by selecting up to 3 attractions and can select others once their first Lightning Lane reservation is used.
  • After purchasing Lighting Lane plans for your first day, you’ll be able to purchase plans for the rest of your vacation—all in the same day, before you arrive.
  • While Disney Genie+ is rebranding, the Disney Genie service itself will still be available. A new option to purchase Lightning Lane Single Pass and Lightning Lane Multi Pass in one transaction will also be added.
  • With these changes, Disney says the app will also be updated to make it easier to purchase these services.
  • At the Disneyland Resort, the nomenclature will also be updated to Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Lightning Lane Single Pass on July 24th — however, the services will remain the same operationally.

Comparing to the previous FastPass+:

  • Long-time Walt Disney World fans might notice that the updated Lightning Lane Multi Pass bears a strong resemblance to FastPass+, which was offered prior to pandemic.
  • However, there are some differences — starting with the fact that the new products remain paid services.
  • Additionally, while Resort Hotel guests could book FastPass+ up to 60 days in advance, Lightning Lane Multi Pass selection can be made only 7 days before the start of your trip.
  • Lastly, additional FastPass+ bookings could only be made after all three return times had expired whereas guests with Lightning Lane Multi Pass can make additional selections after their first redemption.
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