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“T.O.T.S.,” a heartfelt animated comedy series for kids age 2-7, explores the hilarious adventures of best friends Pip and Freddy, a tenacious penguin and a kind-hearted flamingo, who are the only non-stork delivery birds in-training at Tiny Ones Transport Service (T.O.T.S.). As new members of the esteemed team, these junior flyers must take tender care in taking baby animals from the nursery to their forever families around the globe. Each episode features two 11-minute stories that highlight the use of creative thinking and problem solving to model for young viewers that there isn’t just one way to achieve a goal.

T.O.T.S. Episode List

Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
6 8/21/2020 The Super Secret Mission When Pip and Freddy are left out of Capt. Beakman’s secret mission, they are determined to find out what it is.
5 8/21/2020 The Big Little Baby Mr. Woodbird’s big-o-nator is accidentally used on a baby gorilla.
4 8/14/2020 The Itsy Bitsy Baby While delivering Calvin, a baby caterpillar, Pip and Freddy witness the greatest magic show of all.
3 8/14/2020 Mid-Air Care KC joins Pip and Freddy for T.O.T.S.’ first-ever mid-air baby preparation.
2 8/7/2020 The Mighty Little Dragon Pip and Freddy pretend to be knights while delivering a Komodo dragon.
1 8/7/2020 Puppy Problems Pip and Freddy deliver a puppy that seems like a perfect angel, but turns out to be a mischievous rascal.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
50 7/10/2020 Flight of the Penguin Pip and Freddy try to deliver two babies at once.
49 7/10/2020 Bringing This Family Home Freddy and Pip help fly KC’s family home to meet their baby cousin.
48 6/19/2020 Junior Flier JP Pip and Freddy help JP become a Super Duper Flier again after he gets demoted for failing to take a test.
47 6/19/2020 Daddy Delivery While Pip and Freddy make a delivery on Father’s Day, a baby Hedgehog gets stuck atop a hill and is too afraid to come down.
46 3/20/2020 Seas The Day Pip and Freddy make their first underwater delivery. But Freddy, however, isn’t a good swimmer.
45 3/20/2020 Night at the Nursery The Junior Fliers help Oscar, an otter pup, who has trouble sleeping.
44 3/13/2020 A Chewy Challenge Pip and Freddy must deliver a baby beaver, who is chewing and gnawing on everything in sight.
43 3/13/2020 The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt Pip and Freddy’s next delivery gets mixed up with the other eggs for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.
42 2/21/2020 Best Friends Wherever When Mia can’t say goodbye to her friend, Chloe, the Junior Fliers show her that they can keep in touch!
41 2/21/2020 The Fastest Flier Pip and Freddy teach Ava that there is more to a delivery than speed.
40 1/24/2020 Shell Games Freddy, Pip and K.C. try to get a shy turtle out of her shell.
39 1/24/2020 The Valentine Spirit Freddy and Pip rush to deliver Valentines to the babies they’ve delivered to make it back in time for the Valentine’s Day Party.
38 1/3/2020 Rock-A-Bye Birdie When Mimi the mockingbird sings K.C.’s lullaby, she puts everyone at T.O.T.S. to sleep.
37 1/3/2020 The Fly-Along Pip and Freddy must impress Captain Beakman when she joins them for a ride-a-long delivery.
36 12/6/2019 Shear Madness When Pip and Freddy accidentally shave a baby sheep’s wool, they struggle to fix it before delivering it to its parents.
35 12/6/2019 Santa Baby Pip and Freddy teach a magical baby reindeer the joy of Christmas giving.
34 11/22/2019 Elephant in the Room Pip and Freddy help K.C. earn her first Golden Feather on Cleaning Day.
33 11/22/2019 Out Foxed Freddy’s status as the best hide-and-seeker is challenged after he and Pip lose a baby fox.
32 11/8/2019 A Penguin in the Desert Pip and Freddy brave the desert heat to deliver a camel.
31 11/8/2019 Bringing Back Baby Pip and Freddy show Peggy, the Polar Bear, the benefits of having a baby brother when she tries to return him to T.O.T.S.
30 10/18/2019 Koala Kuisine K.C. makes something tasty for a baby hippo that refuses to eat its food.
29 10/18/2019 Monkeying Around and Around Pip and Freddy deliver a monkey that loves to play pretend so much, it gets in the way of his delivery.
28 9/27/2019 Lend Me Your Paw After Mia gets a thorn stuck in her paw, she worries it will hurt when K.C. tries to take it out.
27 9/27/2019 The Fearful Flier Bodhi faces his fear to earn his final stamp towards becoming a Super Flier.
26 9/13/2019 Porcupine Panic When a porcupine fears the delivery tube, K.C. and the Fliers help him beat his fear.
25 9/13/2019 For Lion Out Loud Pip and Freddy teach a lion cub the difference between his indoor and outdoor roar.
24 8/23/2019 The Bouncy Bouncy Baby Pip gets locked inside a crate with a baby kangaroo.
23 8/23/2019 Like Cats and Dogs Pip and Freddy must teach squabbling kitten and puppy siblings to share.
22 8/16/2019 The Gift-Mazing Birthday When a baby arrives on its birthday, Freddy tries to find the perfect birthday present.
21 8/16/2019 Temple of the Tiger Freddy and Pip try their hardest to keep a baby tiger prince clean.
20 8/9/2019 Diggity Dog The Fliers’ delivery is in jeopardy when their puppy student becomes the master at digging.
19 8/9/2019 Lost Lovey Mia loses lovey, so Pip and Freddy go on a wild chase to find it.
18 8/2/2019 Baby Breakdown When Pip and Freddy break the conveyor belt at T.O.T.S. they are determined to fix it on their own.
17 8/2/2019 Back to Cool Pip and Freddy deliver a baby Penguin to Pip’s hometown.
16 7/26/2019 The Great Robot Race Pip and Freddy attempt to prove that delivery birds are better than a stork drone.
15 7/26/2019 Hiccup Hazard When Pip’s hiccups threaten a delivery, he asks Freddy to scare them out of him.
14 7/19/2019 Slippery When Wet Freddy must face his fear of the dark when he and Pip are assigned a nighttime delivery.
13 7/19/2019 Night Flight Pip hopes to speed through the next delivery but is tasked with delivering a baby sloth.
12 7/12/2019 A Splashy Delivery The Junior Fliers accidentally spring a leak in a delivery crate containing a baby octopus.
11 7/12/2019 Stripe Out Pip and Freddy try to find out what kind of mysterious striped animal they are delivering.
10 7/5/2019 The Colorful Chameleon The Junior Fliers must deliver a baby chameleon that keeps disappearing.
9 7/5/2019 The Purrfect Little Helper When Pip and Freddy have to deliver a kitten, they think it’s a mistake since there are no cats at T.O.T.S.
8 6/28/2019 Bunny Bunanza When delivery batches of bunnies get mixed up, the Junior Fliers must figure out which bunny is which.
7 6/28/2019 Nursery Schooling After K.C. gets sick, Pip and Freddy watch the babies in the Nursery for her.
6 6/21/2019 Training Daze Pip and Freddy find themselves leading a group of storks on a class trip.
5 6/21/2019 Cheetah Chase When a cheetah is accidentally set loose, Pip and Freddy must play a game of tag to catch it.
4 6/14/2019 A Stinky Situation The Junior Fliers have trouble delivering a baby skunk due to its overwhelming smell.
3 6/14/2019 Panda Excess Pip and Freddy must deliver a baby panda so cute, that it makes it hard to say goodbye.
2 6/14/2019 Whale, Hello There When there is a two-ton baby whale who needs delivering, the fliers compete for the task.
1 6/14/2019 You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me On Pip and Freddy’s first day as Junior Fliers, they deliver a kitten who mistakes them for her parents.

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