The Most Exciting New Roller Coasters Coming to the United States in 2023

With the end of 2022 rapidly approaching us, I thought now would be a great time to look ahead towards 2023 and the exciting new coasters coming across theme and amusement parks in America next year. This list is simply in alphabetical order, but I’ll definitely be sharing how excited I am for certain coasters as well.

American Dreier Looping – Indiana Beach

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This is the first of many coasters on this list that were supposed to open in 2022, but ended up getting pushed back to 2023. Indiana Beach’s new, somewhat controversial addition, is actually not a new coaster at all. Built in 1984 and most recently at a park in Mexico City, this coaster actually caused a fatal accident in 2019, due to poor maintenance. Indiana Beach amusement park has since purchased the coaster and are completely refurbishing it for a 2023 debut. So let’s hope when it finally opens, it has a less tumultuous life in Indiana.

Aquaman: Power Wave – Six Flags Over Texas

The first of its kind in North America, Aquaman: Power Wave was originally supposed to open at Six Flags Over Texas in 2021. Due to the pandemic, the opening ended up getting pushed back to 2022, and then again to 2023. This unique ride will start off as a shuttle coaster going up two vertical spikes, and during the course, a pool will fill up leading to a grand finale with a giant splash. This should be a unique addition to the original Six Flags park.

Arctic Rescue – SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego is set to open its second new coaster in as many years, Arctic Rescue. The ride will begin with an indoor launch in the former Wild Arctic attraction area, which is also where the ride’s queue and station will be located. From there, this family friendly coaster will feature speeds of up to 40 mph and 3 launches across 2,800 ft of track. Arctic Rescue will be a launched “straddle coaster,” similar to Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster at SeaWorld San Antonio. While this coaster will be somewhat similar to the park’s existing Manta launched coaster, the addition of the straddle seating should make this stand out as a unique new addition.

ArieForce One – Fun Spot Atlanta

One of the most left field additions coming to any park is this Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) creation coming to probably the weakest Fun Spot park in Atlanta. Standing 155 ft tall with an 83.0° drop at 64 mph, this giant coaster (especially for a small park like Fun Spot Atlanta) will feature many unique elements such as the world’s first “Raven truss dive” and a quad-down finale; this could just be the sleeper hit of 2023 and honestly makes me want to visit Atlanta.

Big Bear Mountain – Dollywood

One of my favorite theme parks, Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is set to introduce their longest coaster yet, Big Bear Mountain! This new coaster will feature some great theming elements, along with the backstory of an unforgettable expedition through the Smokies in search of the elusive “Big Bear.” Featuring a top speed of 48 mph, Big Bear Mountain takes guests through three separate launches, multiple airtime hills, high-speed carousel turns, and tunnels, including a pass behind a waterfall. In addition to becoming the longest roller coaster at Dollywood, Big Bear Mountain—built by ride manufacturer Vekoma—also marks the first attraction at the park to feature on-board audio.

Circuit Breaker – COTALAND

Before last year, not many roller coaster enthusiasts had heard of COTALAND, a relatively new park located at the Circuit of the Americas race track complex in Austin, Texas. But with their recent announcements of two extremely unique coasters coming to the small park, enthusiasts are beginning to take notice! The second of these to debut will be Circuit Breaker, a tilt coaster from Vekoma, the first-of-its-kind in North America. The only other tilt coaster in the world can be found in Taiwan. Orlando theme park fans who have ridden Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios Florida may know some of the sensation caused by a tilt coaster, but Circuit Breaker will be different, titling riders to exactly 90 degrees and holding them briefly before they plummet towards the ground. COTALAND’s first new coaster coming in 2023 is a little further down this list…

DarKoaster – Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is following SeaWorld San Diego in not only opening a second coaster in two years, but in also opening a straddle coaster. Much as Arctic Rescue serves as a replacement for Wild Arctic, DarKoaster: Escape the Storm replaces the park’s former Curse of DarKastle dark ride. The new attraction will serve as a thematic continuation of the former, as King Ludwig’s abandoned fortress resurfaces as strange weather patterns have been recorded near the cursed castle grounds. Traveling on snowmobiles across 2,454 feet of track, daring explorers race through total darkness while changing course to avoid the elements. As the weather strikes, riders encounter four accelerating launches on this family-friendly dark ride experience.

Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer – Mattel Adventure Park

A brand new theme park is coming to Glendale, Arizona, a state not really known for theme parks. The Mattel Adventure Park will feature branded experiences such as two Hot Wheels roller coasters, a Thomas & Friends indoor theme park, and just in time for Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated Barbie movie, a Barbie themed experience. The larger of the two coasters, Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer, looks to be a fun coaster somewhat similar to Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom, and it will be great to have a new park opening.

Palindrome – COTALAND

Here is the promised second coaster, but the first opening, at COTALAND. Prior to the 2021 IAAPA Expo in Orlando, manufacturer Gerstlauer had been teasing a one-of-a-kind coaster, and it ended up being North America’s first shuttle Infinity coaster. This incredibly unique ride will feature a first of its kind airtime hill on a spike that sends the train back through the track backwards. The coaster will also travel through an inversion while crossing over traffic, giving amazing views to both riders and passers-by.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster – SeaWorld Orlando

The SeaWorld parks are having another great year with new coaster additions, with the Orlando park receiving the first stand-up coaster built since 1999! Pipeline: The Surf Coaster will be a little different than previous stand-up coasters, as this will only feature two-across “seating” and the seats will bounce along to the ride’s forces. Pipeline will send riders on a journey reaching max speeds of 60-miles-per-hour, with five different airtime moments and lasting a total of 1 minute and 50 seconds. Track construction has already been completed on Pipeline, forever changing the entrance vista at the park.

Primordial – Lagoon

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Well here’s a weird one. Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah has been building a mysterious roller coaster located in a man-made mountain since 2014, and it’s finally going to open sometime in 2023. Named Primordial, we don’t have too many details on what the ride will entail, but the sheer mystery of that is what has me excited for it! Everything you can see on the outside, from the wonderful mountain rockwork, to the coaster track itself looks great, so color me intrigued!

TRON Lightcycle / Run – Magic Kingdom

After 6 long years of construction, TRON Lightcycle / Run will finally open at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Spring 2023. An almost identical clone to the Shanghai Disneyland version of the attraction, we already know what to expect with this, and that’s an incredibly well themed launch coaster that will take you directly into the Grid. Equally as exciting as the ride itself will be the impressive lighting scheme that is sure to liven up this corner of Tomorrowland.

Wildcat’s Revenge – Hersheypark

Another coaster coming from the legends at RMC is Wildcat’s Revenge, a reimagining of the Wildcat wooden coaster at Hersheypark. While modest in stats compared to some of the recent beasts that RMC has built, Wildcat’s Revenge is still sure to provide the same insane ride experience you can expect from an RMC coaster. At this year’s IAAPA Expo, the lead train car design was unveiled, and it’s one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen. Add to that a 140 ft hill into an 82-degree drop, hitting max speeds of 62 mpg, and Hersheypark definitely has an incredible coaster on their hands.

Zambezi Zinger – Worlds of Fun

We end our 2023 coaster journey at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. In honor of the park’s 50th anniversary, they’ll be receiving their first new coaster since 2009, Zambezi Zinger. Inspired by and named after an original park attraction, Zambezi Zinger reimagines the classic as a wooden coaster. This unique coaster will feature the first-ever spiral lift-hill on a wooden coaster into a low-to-the-ground track that races through the trees and terrain of the African Serengeti. Packed with several moments of airtime, banked turns and quick transitions, riders will be connected to the feeling of an epic safari chase and fast-paced adventure!

And just for fun, here’s a list of the rest of the announced coasters coming to the United States in 2023:

I hope you enjoyed this look at the roller coasters of 2023, and hopefully you’ll have the chance to experience some of them too!

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