The future of Star Wars games may have just had a new development. Disney is reportedly planning to revive Lucasfilm Games 28 years after the release of their last title, according to Engadget.

  • Disney Careers posted several job listings for positions under the Lucasfilm Games banner.
  • The new positions will oversee the development of new games based on “Lucasfilm IP, such as Star Wars film and television properties, across all digital platforms, including but not limited to: Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), Console (Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch), PC/Mac, and AR/VR platforms.”
  • According to engadget, Disney may be bringing back the Lucasfilm Games name, as opposed to the much more recently used LucasArts, in order to avoid stepping on any toes as it returns to in-house game development.
  • The move comes just a couple of months after EA Games cancelled their open-world Star Wars game.
  • EA does however still have an exclusive deal to create Star Wars games through 2023, and this move does not appear to be overriding that.
  • The revival of Lucasfilm Games could be a sign that Disney is unhappy with relying on outside companies to create titles based on their brands.

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