Future World construction carries on at Epcot and among the many locations impacted is Mouse Gear, Epcot’s “Emporium”-style gift shop that stocks a wide variety of items from throughout the park as well as the Walt Disney World Resort. This modified experience comes just three days after the park introduced a new bypass entrance that brings Guests into the park to the west of Spaceship Earth near The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

The images above show the main entrances to Mouse Gear that faced the former Future World fountain. All signage has been removed and Guests are directed through the breezeway to the Test Track side of Future World to access a smaller version of the store.

Both entrances to the store have always been there. In the old layout, you could start on one side, meander through to see everything they had to offer, and exit on the opposite side. The new store is just a rectangle with two entrances along the same wall facing Test Track.

Lighted displays throughout the temporary store attempt to bring some of the Future World esthetic inside. The temporary white walls and overall cluttered feel is contrary to the recent standards that Disney theme park gift shops put in practice a few years ago where stores feel more open and less chaotic. It will be interesting to see how this version of Mouse Gear changes as construction proceeds to transform Future World into something new.

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