ABC’s wacky game show revival The Gong Show is set to return for a second season starting June 21st.

  • “British comedic legend” Tommy Maitland (AKA Mike Myers) will once again host the series.
  • Actor Will Arnett is also confirmed to be one of the show’s celebrity judges while also serving as executive producer.
  • A rotating panel of celebrity guests will fill out the rest of the panel in each episode as they “praise, critique, and gong contestants.”
  • The Gong Show features a series of unusually talented and unique performers, all trying to avoid being kicked off the stage.
  • The winning act with the highest judges’ score will receive The Gong Show trophy and a check.
  • ABC says “This season promises to bring in even more big-name judges and a new gaggle of contestants who are unafraid to showcase their awesome yet quirky routines.”
  • While the original incarnation first aired in 1976, the latest version of The Gong Show debuted on ABC in 2017.
  • In his review of the last season’s premiere, Marshal called the show “weird” — ABC later used the quote in promos for the show.

The Gong Show

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