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The fourth season of “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” will follow teen princess from another dimension Star Butterfly and her best friend Marco Diaz as they continue their adventures in Mewni and explore new dimensions. However, as things change in the royal palace, Star will soon learn that running the kingdom is far more complicated than she once thought.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Episode List

Season 4
Episode Date Title Description
37 5/19/2019 Cleaved Star and Marco face their final conflict.
36 5/12/2019 The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse Star searches for a way to defeat Mina and her Solarian Warriors.
35 5/12/2019 Pizza Party Moon and Mina agree to disagree.
34 5/12/2019 Here to Help Moon arrives to save the day.
33 5/12/2019 The Right Way Star Butterfly, Pony Head, Seahorse, Kelly, Rich Pigeon, Jorby, Talon and Quirky Guy all arrive to bail out Eclipsa.
32 5/5/2019 Ready, Aim, Fire Star arrives in Mewni as a soldier attacks Monster Castle.
31 5/5/2019 Mama Star Star, Marco, Janna and Tom lose their memories as they traverse amnesia-inducing waters to get back to Mewni.
30 5/5/2019 Jannanigans Star and Marco need Janna’s help to return to Mewni.
29 5/5/2019 Sad Teen Hotline Tom breaks up with Star but is not prepared for the consequences.
28 4/28/2019 Gone Baby Gone Marco misplaces both Mariposa and Meteora somewhere in Hekapoo’s dimension.
27 4/28/2019 Beach Day Star gets ready to actually have the day at the beach with Marco.
26 4/28/2019 Britta’s Tacos Marco is determined to consume 50 tacos in order to win a special prize that is being offered at Britta’s Tacos restaurant.
25 4/28/2019 Doop-Doop Star attempts to figure out what to do with her life after she is not responsible for Mewni any longer.
24 4/21/2019 Cornonation Star plans a coronation for Eclipsa to become Queen.
23 4/21/2019 The Monster and the Queen Eclipsa has a date with Globgor.
22 4/21/2019 A Boy and His DC-700XE Marco and Tom go on a dragon-cycling adventure.
21 4/14/2019 A Spell with No Name Star and Eclipsa’s spells come face to face, and they must team up to stop a lethal spell gone rogue.
20 4/14/2019 Junkin’ Janna Tom learns how to have fun without Star.
19 4/14/2019 Queen-Napped Star and Marco have to rescue a kidnapped Eclipsa.
18 4/14/2019 The Knight Shift Star and Marco have to make some decisions about the future.
17 4/7/2019 Meteora’s Lesson Glossaryck needs Meteora to help him with an errand.
16 4/7/2019 Cornball! Star tries to convince Buff Frog to move back to Mewni.
15 4/7/2019 Ghost of Butterfly Castle Moon revisits the Butterfly Castle ruins to discover an item she left behind, but she is soon surprised.
14 4/7/2019 Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell Ludo becomes determined to figure out how to not let his past hinder him any longer and continue on with the rest of his life.
13 3/31/2019 Curse of the Blood Moon Star and Marco go on a perilous quest to break the curse of the Blood Moon.
12 3/31/2019 Kelly’s World Marco and Kelly risk life and limb to return a library book before it’s overdue.
11 3/31/2019 Out of Business Star, Marco and Janna want to take full advantage of Quest Buy’s “Going Out of Business Sale.”
10 3/24/2019 Surviving the Spiderbites Star tries her best to distract the Spider Bite family when Eclipsa is late for her first royal dinner.
9 3/24/2019 The Ponyhead Show! Star enlists Ponyhead to help make Eclipsa more popular.
8 3/24/2019 Down by the River Moon and River try to adjust to life after giving up their crowns.
7 3/24/2019 Yada Yada Berries Star and Marco turn into amateur sleuths to find who tried to turn Eclipsa to stone.
6 3/17/2019 Lake House Fever When a storm traps Star at Tom’s family lake house, she turns it into a fun excursion.
5 3/17/2019 Ransomgram Star and Marco journey to the Neverzone to rescue his friend Nachos from mysterious demons.
4 3/17/2019 Swim Suit Star and Marco plan their beach day, but Eclipsa needs Star’s help with an unexpected problem.
3 3/17/2019 Moon Remembers Moon is back, and Star wants to find the perfect time to tell her about Globgor.
2 3/10/2019 Escape from the Pie Folk Star’s search for her Mom takes her to the home of the Pie Folk, where she must outwit them in order to reunite her family.
1 3/10/2019 Butterfly Follies Star and Marco go in search of Queen Moon.
Season 3
Episode Date Title Description
38 4/7/2018 Conquer Star must find the courage to face Meteora alone and make a decision that will change the kingdom forever.
37 4/7/2018 Divide Star becomes acting Queen and plans for Marco and his warriors to delay Meteora from reaching Castle Butterfly long enough for Star to find Moon and destroy the monster princess.
36 3/31/2018 Tough Love Eclipsa and Moon bring Princess Meteora home peacefully after the massive destruction she’s caused.
35 3/31/2018 Bam Ui Pati! Ponyhead shuts herself away to watch the finale of her favorite Korean Drama.
34 3/24/2018 Booth Buddies A magical photo booth at a wedding goes on the fritz and captures Star and Marco inside.
33 3/24/2018 Skooled! Ponyhead returns to St. O’s and finds that the curriculum got tougher.
32 3/17/2018 Marco Jr. Marco returns to Echo Creek to discover that his mom is pregnant.
31 3/17/2018 Is Another Mystery Buffrog leaves Mewni in search for a better life, and Star goes to look for him.
30 3/10/2018 Ludo, Where Art Thou? Dennis goes on a dangerous journey to find Ludo living in another dimension.
29 3/10/2018 Butterfly Trap Moon and the Magical High Commission put Eclipsa on trial for her evil past with Star as a key witness.
28 3/3/2018 Total Eclipsa the Moon Moon enlists Eclipsa herself to access Mewni’s most guarded records.
27 3/3/2018 The Bogbeast of Boggabah King River interrupts Star’s eager investigation into Eclipsa’s past and demands her help on a dangerous hunt.
26 12/2/2017 Holiday Spellcial Spider with a Top Hat invites one of Eclipsa’s dark spells to the office holiday party.
25 12/2/2017 Stump Day Star, Marco and the rest of Mewni celebrate a special snowy holiday, “Stump Day.”
24 11/16/2017 Monster Bash All the youth of Mewni gather at the ancient Monster Temple to celebrate a new era of monsters and Mewmans living together in peace — until guests start disappearing.
23 11/16/2017 Deep Dive Star’s sleep-portaling becomes a danger and she decides to put a stop to it.
22 11/16/2017 Nightlife Star learns that Marco and Hekapoo have been dealing with rogue interdimensional portals.
21 11/15/2017 Ponymonium Star becomes thrilled when Pony Head invites her to dinner with her sisters.
20 11/15/2017 Death Peck Star urges the royal youth of Mewni to sign a petition calling for the equal treatment of monsters.
19 11/14/2017 Lava Lake Beach Kelly breaks up with her boyfriend and Marco questions his friendship with Star Butterfly.
18 11/14/2017 Sweet Dreams Star discovers she travels through multiple dimensions in her dreams.
17 11/13/2017 Starfari Star goes out into the field to understand why Mewmans treat Monsters unfairly.
16 11/13/2017 Princess Turdina A surprise visitor pressures Marco to reveal Turdina’s true identity.
15 11/9/2017 Trial by Squire Star prepares for the Midnight Warrior Blowout Sale at Quest Buy.
14 11/9/2017 Lint Catcher Knight of the wash, Sir Lavabo, gets a familiar squire.
13 11/8/2017 Sophomore Slump Marco decides to put a full effort into living life in the present on Earth.
12 11/8/2017 Demoncism Star and Tom’s relationship is put to the test when Tom decides to get rid of his demons.
11 11/7/2017 Stranger Danger Star meets the ancient Queen Eclipsa.
10 11/7/2017 Club Snubbed Tom snubs Star at the Silver Bell Ball.
9 11/6/2017 Rest in Pudding Star has recurring visions of Glossaryck and believes he’s haunting her.
8 11/6/2017 Scent of a Hoodie Star secretly keeps Marco’s hoodie as a reminder of their friendship.
7 7/15/2017 Battle for Mewni: Toffee King Ludo’s reign reaches as a tipping point as Star returns to the castle. Star must summon her strength to save her family and the kingdom.
6 7/15/2017 Battle for Mewni: King Ludo With Ludo in control of the kingdom, Marco must decide his next move.
5 7/15/2017 Battle for Mewni: Puddle Defender Buffrog helps Star escape from Moon’s ever-protective watch.
4 7/15/2017 Battle for Mewni: Marco and the King King River struggles to keep the kingdom running without Queen Moon’s help.
3 7/15/2017 Battle for Mewni: Book Be Gone Despite dire warnings, Ludo tries to write a new chapter in the Book of Spells.
2 7/15/2017 Battle for Mewni: Moon the Undaunted Star must dig deep and challenge archnemesis Ludo in an effort to save her family and kingdom.
1 7/15/2017 Battle for Mewni: Return to Mewni Star returns to her home dimension of Mewni where she discovers that magic is disappearing throughout the kingdom.
Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
41 2/28/2017 Starcrushed Hoping to help her forget about her strained friendship with Marco, Star’s friends convince her to ditch the Diaz’ end-of-the-school-year party for a more dangerous bash.
40 2/27/2017 Face the Music The songstrel Ruberiot is tasked to write a song about Star for the Mewnian tradition of Song Day, but Star is reluctant to participate.
39 2/23/2017 Just Friends Star surprises Marco with tickets to a Love Sentence concert, but also invites Jackie.
38 2/22/2017 Collateral Damage Star and Janna are cleaning up the school grounds when Star mistakenly picks up the school’s possum statue.
37 2/21/2017 All Belts Are Off Dojo-sensei informs his class that they are going to receive a visit from the Grandmaster of their How-To-Karate video series.
36 2/20/2017 Heinous Ms. Heinous shows up at the Diaz house and Marco must make amends for all the terrible things he has done.
35 2/16/2017 The Hard Way Ludo forces Glossaryck to teach him about the Book of Spells.
34 2/15/2017 Crystal Clear Rhombulus is convinced that Star is the source of a universe-wide magical glitch and brings them before the Chancellor of the Magical High Commission.
33 2/14/2017 The Bounce Lounge When Star discovers that the Bounce Lounge is closing, she and Marco enlist their old Bounce Crew to make sure the party continues.
32 2/13/2017 Mathmagic When Star refuses to solve a problem in math class, she learns that avoiding her least favorite subject may have cosmic repercussions.
31 2/9/2017 Running with Scissors When Marco abuses the Dimensional Scissors, the Scissors Enforcer, Hekapoo gives Marco an ultimatum.
30 2/8/2017 Baby Star must show her fairy godmother, Baby, what she has learned about magic.
29 2/7/2017 Trickstar Star sets out to prove that party magician Preston Change-O is a real magician.
28 2/6/2017 Raid the Cave Star tries to rescue Glossaryck and the Book of Spells from Ludo.
27 11/21/2016 Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Star has second thoughts about attending a dead clown’s séance, when Jackie asks Marco to go to the school dance with her.
26 11/14/2016 Naysaya Marco grows a second head that blurts out his secrets and insecurities whenever he tries to ask out Jackie.
25 11/14/2016 Page Turner Star tries to resist the temptation of reading a forbidden chapter in her Book of Spells.
24 11/7/2016 Pizza Thing When Marco and Pony Head pick up a pizza for Star, the simple task becomes a disaster.
23 11/7/2016 Into the Wand Star travels into her wand to try and fix it.
22 10/10/2016 Spider with a Top Hat Star’s most entertaining spell, Spider with a Top Hat, wants to become a fighting spell instead.
21 10/10/2016 Hungry Larry Star and Marco help Mr. Diaz create the scariest Haunted House on the block.
20 10/3/2016 Is Mystery Worried about his tadpoles’ futures, Buff Frog investigates the hole in the Mewman force field.
19 10/3/2016 Friendenemies When Tom vies for Marco’s company instead of Star’s, Marco becomes suspicious.
18 9/26/2016 Gift of the Card Marco must use a gift card before it expires with catastrophic results.
17 9/26/2016 Sleepover Marco sets out to impress Jackie at Star’s slumber party, but a magical truth-telling game threatens to reveal too much for Star.
16 9/19/2016 Girls’ Day Out When Star is nominated as Mayor of Detention, she must help her constituents with their various problems.
15 9/19/2016 Game of Flags Star competes in the Game of Flags at the Butterfly-Johansen family reunion against her mother’s orders.
14 9/12/2016 By the Book After an argument with Star, Glossaryck goes into hiding in a donut box.
13 9/12/2016 Goblin Dogs Star and her friends wait in the longest food truck line ever for the universe’s best hot dog, the Goblin Dog.
12 8/15/2016 On the Job While Star and Marco are babysitting his tadpoles, Buff Frog goes on a mission to steal Mewnian corn but keeps thinking about his tadpoles during the job.
11 8/15/2016 Starsitting When Star and Marco are in charge of watching Buff Frog’s tadpoles, the duo’s babysitting styles clash.
10 8/8/2016 Camping Trip King Butterfly pays a surprise visit to Star during the Diaz family camping trip and brings with him his own brand of camping.
9 8/8/2016 Starstruck When Star’s biggest hero Mina Loveberry, a rogue magic-wielder from Mewni, loses her mojo for battle, Star attempts to help her get it back.
8 8/1/2016 Wand to Wand Star and Ludo struggle to get their new wands under control.
7 8/1/2016 Star vs. Echo Creek Star goes on the run after accidentally crushing a police car.
6 7/25/2016 Fetch A mysterious stray dog steals Star’s wand and refuses give it back.
5 7/25/2016 Star on Wheels When Marco teaches Star how to ride a bike but forgets to tell her about brakes, he teams up with Oskar and Glossaryck to save her.
4 7/18/2016 Red Belt Marco finally decides to focus on earning his red belt in karate.
3 7/18/2016 Mr. Candle Cares Star rebels after the school guidance counselor, Mr. Candle, insists that her future is set in stone.
2 7/11/2016 Ludo in the Wild When Ludo is thrown into nature, he must overcome the elements and creatures of the wilderness to survive.
1 7/11/2016 My New Wand! Star must learn how to free Marco from a magically locked closet without using her new wand.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
24 9/21/2015 Storm the Castle When Marco is captured by Toffee and held for wand-ransom, Star enters into an unlikely alliance with Ludo and Buff Frog.
23 9/14/2015 Marco Grows a Beard When Star flubs the spell used to help Marco grow a beard, the beard grows out of control and engulf the house.
22 9/14/2015 Interdimensional Field Trip Star leads a class field trip to a museum in another dimension and puts the entire class in danger.
21 8/17/2015 The Banagic Incident Star sees a commercial for a magical Earth product.
20 8/17/2015 Mewnipendance Day Star leads a battle reenactment as part of a Mewni Independence Day celebration with her friends on Earth.
19 8/10/2015 St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses Star must face her greatest fear and travel to St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses to bust out Flying Princess Pony Head for her birthday.
18 7/27/2015 Royal Pain Star’s dad makes an unexpected visit and soon wears out his welcome.
17 7/27/2015 Freeze Day Star accidentally freezes time with her wand and then tries to convince Father Time to set things right.
16 7/20/2015 Fortune Cookies Marco convinces Star that fortune cookies contain magical prophecies, which leads her to dangerously believe a fake fortune.
15 7/20/2015 Blood Moon Ball Star accepts her ex-boyfriend Tom’s invitation to Demon Prom, but Marco is suspicious of Tom’s intentions.
14 6/22/2015 Sleep Spells Star is sleepwalking and casting magic chaotically.
13 6/22/2015 Lobster Claws Ludo fires the lobster monster from his group and the creature doesn’t know what to do, so Star and Marco try to help him out.
12 6/15/2015 Pixtopia Marco and his friends work off their debt in the Shard Mines.
11 6/15/2015 Mewberty Star goes through mewberty, which covers her body in purple hearts and sets her off onto all the boys in school.
10 4/20/2015 Brittney’s Party Star doesn’t get invited to Brittany’s birthday party and is desperate to get into it.
9 4/20/2015 Diaz Family Vacation Star takes the Diaz family out vacation to her home dimension of Mewni.
8 4/13/2015 Quest Buy Star and Marco must go to “Quest Buy”, a maze-like store to find a charger for Star’s wand.
7 4/13/2015 Cheer Up Star Star is feeling down when her crush Oskar has no calls from her, so Marco tries to cheer her up only that he accidentally summons Ludo and his army of monsters.
6 4/6/2015 The Other Exchange Student Star vies for attention with a foreign exchange student who is visiting the Diaz family.
5 4/6/2015 Monster Arm Marco breaks his arm before a Karate tournament. Star uses her wand to fix it, but accidentally gives him an evil sentient tentacle arm.
4 1/30/2015 School Spirit While Marco is distracted by protecting his friend, the new school mascot, from being kidnapped by their football rivals, a confused Star believes this to be an upcoming battlefield and starts making plans of her own.
3 1/30/2015 Match Maker Star fails her first test, so she tries to play match maker for their classroom teacher to get a better grade. However, she winds up turning her into a troll.
2 1/18/2015 Party With a Pony Star’s best friend from her home dimension pays a visit and feels threatened by Star’s new friendship with Marco.
1 1/18/2015 Star Comes to Earth As tradition dictates, Star receives the royal magic wand for her 14th birthday, but her parents worry that she is not ready for the responsibility and send her to a place they deem safe – Earth.

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