While Frozen fever may have cooled a bit over the past several months, the film is still massively popular — especially among a younger demographic. But, when it comes to dressing up in the park and singing songs from the film, which one of the sisters takes the crown? That could be Elsa.

Now one Disney fan has penned a song about how all of that extra attention the Queen gets must bug her from time to time. Whitney Avalon and Brendan Milburn wrote the song “That Would Not Be Me” that not only chronicles some of the impressive feats the younger sister accomplished that seem to go forgotten but also captures the fun and quirky nature of the character that has earned her a devoted (but admittedly smaller) fan base. Take a look:

So what did you think? Does this song make you rethink your choice for favorite Frozen sister?

Also, for more original songs and Disney-inspired content, be sure to check out Whitney’s YouTube channel.



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