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Original Series
Studio: Disney Channel

Inspired by Dave Stevens’ popular comic book series, The Rocketeer follows Kit, a young girl who receives a surprise package on her birthday revealing she’s next in line to become the Rocketeer, a legendary superhero who has the ability to fly with the help of a rocket-powered jet pack. Armed with her cool new gear and secret identity, Kit is ready to take flight and save the day with her gadget-minded best friend, Tesh and Butch the bulldog by her side. Geared towards kids 2-7 and their families, each episode of The Rocketeer features two 11-minute stories and includes an original song.

Disney Junior’s The Rocketeer Episode List

Season 1

202/7/2020First ClassKit befriends Valeri d’Avion, the coolest girl in class.
192/7/2020Cleared for TakeoffKit volunteers at the Bulldog Cafe in order to prove she’s responsible enough to enroll in the Valkyrie Flight School.
181/24/2020The Critter GangKit investigates a string of robberies across Hughesville that seem to be committed by wild animals.
171/24/2020Recipe for DisasterWhen Kit and Sareena refuse to expose the secret ingredients in their renowned family recipes, Cast-Iron Chef tries to steal them
161/17/2020Follow that BulldogCast-Iron Chef attempts to steal Kit’s family cookbook from the Bulldog Café.
151/17/2020Valerie the ValkyrieFeeling that the Rocketeer is stealing her thunder, Valerie creates her own superhero identity called The Valkyrie.
141/10/2020Hot on the TrailKit joins Tesh, his dad, and their Hughesville Trailbazer troop on a hike to the famed Gemstone Firefall waterfall. Once there, they must stop Laura and Harley from stealing the precious gemstone that lies within.
131/10/2020X-Treme HeroThe Rocketeer introduces Tesh to his extreme sports idol Xena Treme after rescuing her during a snowboarding competition.
1212/13/2019The Piggy Bank CaperSylvester Slapdash steals Kit’s piggy bank in search of a special coin.
1112/13/2019Hypnotic HughesvilleWhen the Great Orsino hypnotizes everyone in Hughesville, the Rocketeer must find a way to wake them.
1012/6/2019Flight Class HeroesKit’s class takes a trip to see an automatic, pilotless plane.
912/6/2019Downhill DerbyKit and Tesh plan to compete in Hughesville’s Downhilll Derby, but a young inventor has a villainous plan to win.
811/22/2019Song Bird Soars AgainKit befriends a former pilot and helps her find the courage to fly her plane again.
711/22/2019Carnival CaperThe Great Orsino and his traveling carnival show up in Hughesville to steal Kit’s rocket pack.
611/15/2019Save the StatueKit, Tesh and Butch raise money to repair the statue of the original Hughesville Rocketeer.
511/15/2019Ground Control To RocketeerTesh gives his bike an extreme makeover that isn’t as helpful as he hoped.
411/8/2019A Doggone AdventureButch must rescue his new friend, Honey, the golden doodle.
311/8/2019Skyway RobberySylvester Slapdash, disguised as the Costumed Bandit, plots to rob the Bulldog Cafe.
211/8/2019Pilot ErrorGrandpa Ambrose and Tesh help Kit with her training.
111/8/2019First FlightKit receives a surprise package on her birthday containing The Rocketeer’s helmet, which Grandpa Ambrose immediately recognizes as belonging to the famed superhero.

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