TGIT Obsessions:
Finale Poems
#TGIT Obsessions: Finale Poems
Marshal shares poems of his own creation that celebrate the season finales of the three TGIT programs
Which TGIT are you most looking forward to returning on ABC this fall.
The Tsum Tsum Life:
The Tsum Tsum Life:Nightmare Before Christmas
Alex continues living the Tsum Tsum Life with this week's episode on Nightmare Before Christmas
See some new tsums in actions and find out if there are any flaws,
Disney Infinity:
Disney Figures
Disney Infinity 3.0 Disney Figures Review
Alex's look at Disney Infinity 3.0 continues as he looks at each of the new Disney figures
From Mickey and Minnie to Mulan to our new friends from Inside Out, learn about each Disney character
Book Review:
Whole New World
Book Review: A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale
Alex reviews "A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale" from Disney Publishing that features a twist on Aladdin
Find out what would have happened if Jafar received the lamp from the cave instead of Aladdin
Mama Pluto
LaughingPlace Podcast #238: Mama Pluto
In this week's show the crew talks Disney Infinity 3.0, Pixar in a Box, and Sanjay's Super Team
They also discuss the Force Friday, the circus, and the little known story of Mama Pluto
D23 Expo:
Disney Kingdoms
D23 Expo: Disney Kingdoms
To celebrate the release of Figment 2's first issue, we are sharing Jeremiah's report on Disney Kingdoms
Find out what Imagineers and Marvel leaders have to say about the unique collaboration.
Star Wars
Rebels Blu-Ray
Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Blu-Ray Review
Alex reviews the blu-ray release of Star Wars Rebels first season which is available now.
See how the Disney XD series translates to home video as we look ahead to season 2.
Taste Of
Downtown Disney
Taste of Downtown Disney
Roger reports on the 2015 edition of Taste of Downtown Disney which sampled up some culinary delights
Learn more about this delicious annual event which raise money for CHOC.
Video Pick:
Disneyland Proposal
Doobie's Video Pick: Disneyland Proposal
Doobie's latest video pick is of a special moment that ocured recently at Disneyland Park
Relive this magical moment and find out why it brings back fond memories for Doobie.
LaughingPlace Podcast
Bow Wow
LaughingPlace Podcast #238: Bow Wow
The LaughingPlace Podcast is back as they discuss Disneyland, Star Wars, Cast Member stories and more
They also debate the merits of Disney Animal Legends and who would be part of such a group

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The Fab Five

Disney Infinity

Star Wars Land

Toy Story Land

D23 Expo

E-Ticket Life

Feature Articles

*clears voice* Spoilers ahead. *while sitting by fire, opens up large leather bound book, pushes glasses up, sips tea* Shall we begin?   Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 FINALE Dance...

Doobie reposts an article he wrote 3 days after the first final Main Street Electrical Parade in November 1996.

This weeks "The Tsum Tsum Life" discusses the difficulty of getting The Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums and whats coming next in the game.

Our review of each Disney Infinity 3.0 Disney character features a breakdown of their attacks, special abilities and phrases.

"A Whole New World" is the first in a new series called "A Twisted Tale." It reimagines the story of Aladdin in a twisty way with Jafar getting the lamp.

This week the LPP Crew talk Disney Infinity 3.0, Pixar in a Box, the culture of Pixar and its interesting history, Pixar's next short Sanjay's Superteam, the new Disney Shorts DVD and Star Wars Force Friday and LP's upcoming coverage of it. We also discuss our favorite breakfast spots in Disney parks and our recent trip to the circus.

Rise Against the Empire is an awesome play set based on the original Star Wars trilogy, taking players through the entire saga.

Jeremiah shares a report from the Disney Kingdoms panel at the D23 Expo.

The complete first season of Star Wars Rebels offers impressive video quality and an assortment of worthwhile bonus features, plush looks ahead at Season 2.

Jeremiah reviews the initial issue of the Figment 2 comic series that continues the story of Figment and Dreamfinder.