Pros & Cons of BUNK'd
and Best Friends Whenever
Pros & Cons of BUNK'd and Best Friends Whenever
Marshal picks apart the two newest Disney Channel series,
BUNK'd and Best Friends Whenever.
Let's Break Down
"Disney Descendants"
Double-Let's Break Down "Disney Descendants"
Marshal breaks apart Disney Descendants to reveal some things you might have missed.
He also looks ahead at Descendants shorts and a possible sequel.
Album Review:
Disney Descendants
Album Review: Disney Descendants
Marshal explores the soundtrack to Disney Channel's Descendants.
Go through it track-by-track to find out which songs are good and which are evil.
Phineas and Ferb say goodbye
at San Diego Comic Con 2015
Phineas and Ferb say goodbye at San Diego Comic Con 2015
Jeremiah relives the final Phineas and Ferb Comic Con panel.
Find out all of the secrets that were revealed and feel all the feels.
Cranium Comand:
High School REUNION?!
Cranium Command: High School REUNION?!
Marshall shares his idea for a 4th High School Musical Film.
Kenny Ortega, are you listening?
A Guide to
Camp Halfblood
A Guide to Camp Halfblood
Bill offers a guide to help mortals enter Camp Halfblood from the Percy Jackson book series.
Only demigods can enter, but with this guide you might be able to sneak in.
Descendants DCOM Review
Alex reviews the latest Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants, directed by Kenny Ortega.
This musical stars fresh talent as the children of some of Disney's best villains.
Disney Shout
Review: Disney Shout
Lauren introduces you to a new addicting game, Disney Shout!
It's an interactive guessing game app for the whole family.
The Muppets Take
San Diego Comic Con
Holiday Preview
Disney's Holiday Preview
Disney unveils their new lineup of toys and games available this holiday season.
From Star Wars and Marvel to Mickey Mouse and Froze, there's something for every kid and kid at heart.
60th Birthday
Disneyland's 60th Birthday
Relive the magic of Disneyland's 60th birthday celebration which included Richard Sherman.
Also see the first performance of the new Disneyland Band as they enter a new era with Disneyland

Feature Articles

Marshal shares the pros and cons of two new Disney Channel series, BUNK'D and Best Friends Whenever.

Marshal reveals some of the more subtle elements of Disney Channel's Descendants, plus a look ahead at where the franchise is going.

This week, Kyle talks about getting back into podcasts and which shows (both Disney and non-Disney) are his favorites.

Descendants premieres tonight on Disney Channel, FINALLY, after a long promotional campaign. Really long. Uber long. However, even though NONE of the commercials or...

Jeremiah relives what it was like to be at the final Phineas and Ferb panel discussion at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Welcome to Cranium Command, a new series I'm beginning to show Disney that if they used their brains, there are some very simple ideas...

Bill shares some tip on how to make the most out of your time at Camp Half Blood

Disney Channel's Descendants is a fun twist on some of Disney's greatest villains, directed by Kenny Ortega and starring Kristen Chenoweth and Dove Cameron.

Lauren reviews the new Disney Shout app. Learn about this new party game that can help pass the time in line at Disney Parks.

For over 5 decades the Muppets, lead by Kermit himself, have been bring joy and laughter to kids of all ages. At Comic Con,...