Universal CityWalk at Universal Orlando has always been a great location for dining or entertainment, yet its newest addition, Bigfire, brings something that I feel has been missing for a while: a casual sitdown restaurant. Of course, CityWalk has more than its fair share of restaurants, but Bigfire is unique because as there is no overwhelming theme that overpowers the dining experience (not that there is anything wrong with that) — it’s just a great place with some great food.

The American fare comes across in a strong menu with many options for just about every taste.

One of the highlights of Bigfire is its signature wood blend of oak, pecanwood and cherrywood that is on full display for all guests to see in the center of the restaurant. Before we dive into the food, I have to say the layout of the Bigfire is fantastic. With lots of small rooms and even a second story, it offers an intimate feel while also providing lots of space to help avoid the normal theme park cramped dining feel.

The Food

Hearth Oven Baked Bread – Herbed butter, whipped butter, peach preserves

Buttermilk Fried Chicken – Crispy Smashed Potatoes, signature coleslaw, cornbread

Bigfire Cheeseburger – 1/2 lb. black angus beef, cheddar, beefsteak tomato with Pork Belly Mac & Cheese

Both meals we ordered were very tasty and each had great flavor, good sides, and, to top it all off, reasonable prices. But for me, the dessert was the perfect capper to the meal. The Baked Alaska was amazing with quite a unique taste. However, the only downside we encountered was the size as we foolishly decided to split the dish when it actually would have been perfect for one.

Baked Alaska – Huckleberry ice cream, meringue, torched tableside

I have eaten in all of the Central Florida theme parks and can say that Bigfire ranks up there as one of the best overall spots I’ve encountered. It offers very good food and a great price points, plus it has a perfect location right in the center of CityWalk, making it a perfect place to escape the parks — or just a grab a nice dinner after a movie or concert.

Bigfire opens each day at 4:00 pm and, thanks to the wide space, there didn’t seem to be much delay getting guests sat right away. For more information and a look at their menus, head HERE.



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