Disney100: Funko Exclusive Black Panther (Facet) Pop!

The Disney100 celebration has started and the merchandise collections that have launched are already so impressive, but guess what? There’s more to come! Funko has introduced their Disney100 Pop! figures including a Black Panther (Facet) exclusive at Funko.

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What’s Happening: 

  • Join in the fun of celebrating the Walt Disney Company's 100th anniversary by going shopping!
  • Two waves of new Funko Pop! figures and display pieces have popped up including a Funko exclusive showcasing Black Panther in facet design that brings a sparkle to our eye!
  • Not only is T’Challa the King of Wakanda, but the ruler also serves his people (and the world) as the superhero known as Black Panther. Funko is celebrating the character and his epic stories with a Pop! worthy of the royal treatment.

  • As we’ve seen before, the facet design gives off the appearance of being a perfectly cut jewel and it’s quite fitting for the King of Wakanda who’s a treasure in his own right.
  • He’s donned his signature costume which has a purple hue, and he’s standing at attention prepared to defend his people at a moment’s notice.
  • Unlike the Minnie Mouse facet Pop! that had a bit of sparkle, it appears the Black Panther version has a metallic finish.
  • The Disney100 Black Panther (Facet) Funko Pop! is available for pre-order exclusively at Funko and it sells for $15.00.
  • A link to the individual item can be found below.


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While the official anniversary doesn’t come until October, Disney100 is taking place throughout 2023! Stay up to date with the latest news, merchandise, content and park offerings by checking out our Disney100 tag.