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Based on Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Academy Award-winning feature filminspired by the Marvel comics of the same name, Disney Channel’s “Big Hero 6 The Series” picks up immediately following the events of the feature film, continuing the adventures and friendship of 14-year-old tech genius Hiro and his compassionate, cutting-edge robot Baymax. Along with their friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred, they form the legendary superhero team Big Hero 6 and embark on high-tech adventures as they protect their city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains. In his normal day-to-day life, Hiro faces daunting academic challenges and social trials as the new prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Big Hero 6: The Series Episode List

Season 3
Episode Date Title Description
19 2/15/2021 The Mascot Upshot Hiro plans to defeat The Mascots once and for all.
18 2/15/2021 Krei-oke Night Krei invents a karaoke machine.
17 2/8/2021 Noodle Burger Ploy Noodle Burger Boy and the mascots abduct Fred.
16 2/8/2021 A Fresh Sparkles When Big Hero 6 find Mr. Sparkles working at the Pizza Party-torium, he tells them he’s decided to leave the world of crime behind.
15 2/1/2021 Return to Sycorax When Krei is lost in the old Sycorax building, the heroes must search the abandoned monster factory to find him.
14 2/1/2021 The MiSFIT In order to recruit child prodigy Rishi Patel, Professor Granville enlists Hiro to give him a tour of SFIT.
13 11/9/2020 De-Based When Basemax opens a spam email, she gets infected with a virus.
12 11/9/2020 The New Nega-Globby Globby and Honey Lemon feel guilty about trapping Nega-Globby in the Glop-Vac.
11 11/2/2020 Go Go the Wooweroo Go Go reluctantly goes undercover as the co-host of Wendy Wower’s television show.
10 11/2/2020 Big Hero Battle 4 2 Sing, a famous boy band, decides to be crime fighters and challenge Big Hero 6 to a superhero-off.
9 10/26/2020 Better Off Fred Fred meets the girl of his dreams, Olivia, only to be rejected by her for reasons he doesn’t understand.
8 10/26/2020 Cobra and Mongoose After Fred is attacked by mechanical cobras, he learns that they were actually sent after Heathcliff.
7 10/12/2020 Big Chibi 6 Hardlight crashes Karmi’s autograph session.
6 10/12/2020 A Friendly Face When Krei wants to sell the Mayor an automated fleet of shuttle vehicles, Honey Lemon suggests giving the shuttles a friendly face and an upbeat personality.
5 10/5/2020 Mini Noodle Burger Max A low-charged Baymax and Mini-Max join forces with Noodle Burger Boy to save Big Hero 6.
4 10/5/2020 Trading Chips Hiro switches Baymax’s chip with Mini-Max’s so that Baymax can rescue Mochi.
3 9/28/2020 The Dog Craze of Summer Hiro enlists the help of the team when Granville’s three dogs go missing while under his watch.
2 9/28/2020 Mayor for a Day Big Hero 6 responds to Richardson Mole’s every whim when he is made mayor for the day.
1 9/21/2020 The Hyper-potamus Pizza-Party-torium Hiro and a short-handed Big Hero 6 team attempt to stop Noodle Burger Boy and his new family.
Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
24 1/28/2020 Legacies Chief Cruz and the police get the upper hand in their battle with both villains and Big Hero 6 when they begin using Buddy Guardians, powerful new robots produced by Krei Tech.
23 1/27/2020 Fear Not Supersonic Stu busts his grandmother, Supersonic Sue, out of prison.
22 1/25/2020 Major Blast A new villain, Major Blast, appears in the city and targets Fred.
21 1/18/2020 Fred the Fugitive Fred’s invisibility function on his suit glitches during patrol.
20 1/11/2020 Portal Enemy Megan confronts Hiro about being a vigilante and threatens to tell Chief Cruz the truth.
19 1/4/2020 Hiro The Villain Momakase blackmails Hiro into helping her steal her family’s knives from Yama’s safe.
18 12/7/2019 The Present When Hiro finds a wrapped present in the closet, he assumes it’s from Aunt Cass and takes it in order to figure out what it is. However, after a mix-up, the present becomes lost and Hiro enlists the Big Hero 6 team to track it down.
17 9/11/2019 Hardlight Evil villain Hardlight challenges the Big Hero 6 team to a real-life video game duel.
16 9/10/2019 The Globby Within Nega-Globby takes control of Globby’s body to cause chaos around the city.
15 9/9/2019 El Fuego Professional mech-wrestler El Fuego is intent on becoming the toughest fighter in San Fransokyo and decides he must beat the strongest challenger he can find, Baymax.
14 9/6/2019 Mini-Maximum Trouble When Fred runs into a string of bad luck, Megan reveals to Hiro that she’s trying to uncover the true identities of Big Hero 6 for her school’s newspaper.
13 9/5/2019 City of Monsters – Part II Big Hero 6 must continue to fight off a city overrun with monsters.
12 9/4/2019 City of Monsters – Part I Karmi and Hiro team up to help treat someone with genetically engineered parasites.
11 9/3/2019 Write Turn Here Karmi and Hiro team up to help treat someone with genetically engineered parasites.
10 5/17/2019 Lie Detector Upon discovering Baymax’s ability to detect if a person is lying, Hiro attempts to use him to uncover proof of deceit.
9 5/16/2019 Supersonic Sue Big Hero 6 attempts to thwart a bank robbery and encounter Supersonic Sue, an old school roller skating villain.
8 5/15/2019 Something Fluffy Mayoi, mysterious yet adorable creatures, begin to appear in San Fransokyo.
7 5/14/2019 Muira-Horror! When Hiro and Go Go accompany Krei to the woods to deal with Nedd Ludd, they run into The Hibagon, a legendary monster.
6 5/13/2019 The Fate of the Roommates Big Hero 6 must stop a secret underground racing league.
5 5/10/2019 Nega-Globby Honey Lemon sets out to make Globby human again.
4 5/9/2019 Something’s Fishy When Aunt Cass sets Hiro up on a date, he begins to wonder if he’s missing out on being a regular kid.
3 5/8/2019 Prey Date Hiro and Fred enlist Karmi to find out what happened to Orso Knox, the man who was mysteriously turned into a monster.
2 5/7/2019 Seventh Wheel Professor Granville becomes increasingly pushy with Big Hero 6 as she helps them figure out a mysterious series of food-related burglaries.
1 5/6/2019 Internabout Hiro’s jealousy of Karmi’s internship at Sycorax leads him to intern at Krei Tech.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
22 10/13/2018 Countdown to Catastrophe Big Hero 6 face their greatest challenge as Obake unleashes his plan on San Fransokyo.
21 10/6/2018 Obake Yashiki After the gang goes to a spooky haunted house, Hiro keeps seeing Tadashi around the city and ultimately finds himself face to face with his brother.
20 9/29/2018 The Bot-Fighter To try to prove Yama is behind a mysterious crime spree, perpetrated by tiny bots, Hiro is drawn back into the illegal world of bot-fighting.
19 9/22/2018 Steamer’s Revenge Hiro and the others plan the ultimate birthday surprise for Wasabi by recovering his car from the bottom of the bay, but Baron Von Steamer ruins the celebration.
18 9/15/2018 Big Problem When a monster wreaks havoc in San Fransokyo, Big Hero 6 must go on a real-life monster hunt.
17 9/8/2018 Big Hero 7
16 8/25/2018 Mini-Max Hiro invents a tiny robot, Mini-Max, to supervise and be a sidekick to Fred while the rest of the team is in class.
15 8/18/2018 Fan Friction
14 8/11/2018 Rivalry Weak
13 8/4/2018 Kentucky Kaiju
12 7/28/2018 Small Hiro One Hiro becomes frustrated when he’s deemed too young to attend a science workshop hosted by SFIT’s most famous alumni, Dr. Trevor Trengrove.
11 7/21/2018 Killer App Wasabi’s need for order clashes with Hiro’s chaotic work style when they collaborate on a school project.
10 7/14/2018 Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkle Crazy game show host Mr. Sparkles threatens to hurt Hiro’s cat Mochi to force Go Go to join a game. But she is very afraid of public appearances.
9 7/7/2018 The Impatient Patient Although he is obviously ill, Hiro refuses to listen to his team-mates and Baymax and only watch from afar as they fight the mercenary team Mad Jacks.
8 6/30/2018 Aunt Cass Goes Out After Aunt Cass nearly discovers Hiro’s secret membership in the Big Hero 6, Hiro tries to set her up with someone to distract her.
7 6/23/2018 Failure Mode Hiro becomes demoralized when his latest school project fails spectacularly; the team must take on the incompetent villain, Globby.
6 6/16/2018 Muirahara Woods Hiro, Fred, and Baymax follow GoGo into the mysterious Muirahara Woods where they get lost and everything electronic strangely fails including Baymax.
5 6/10/2018 Food Fight When Aunt Cass stumbles into an underground cooking competition, she thrives and becomes addicted to the excitement.
4 6/10/2018 Fred’s Bro-Tillion When supervillain Baron Von Steamer crashes Fred’s Bro-Tillion, the Big Hero 6 team springs into action.
3 6/9/2018 Big Roommates 2 Go Go and Honey Lemon quickly clash when they become roommates. Meanwhile, when a thief steals Honey Lemon’s chem-lab purse, it accidentally turns him into a monster.
2 6/9/2018 Issue 188 As Hiro tries to find a way to connect to classmate Karmi, Go Go and Fred dive deep into comic book mythology to defeat High Voltage, a mother-daughter supervillain duo.
1 11/20/2017 Baymax Returns Hiro thinks Baymax is lost forever, until he finds the chip that Tadashi designed to create Baymax. Hiro immediately gets to work rebuilding his friend.
Season 0
Episode Date Title Description
27 5/21/2019 Baymax & Mochi – Messy Room
26 5/14/2019 Baymax & Mochi – Mochi and his Toy
25 5/6/2019 Baymax & Mochi – Flowers and Butterflies
24 4/23/2019 Big Chibi 6 Brunch Rush
23 4/16/2019 Big Chibi 6 Super Driver
22 4/9/2019 Big Chibi 6 Road Trip
21 4/2/2019 Big Chibi 6 Low Battery
20 2/19/2019 Big Chibi 6 Super Charged
19 2/12/2019 Big Chibi 6 Love Letters
18 2/5/2019 Big Chibi 6 Gumball Trouble
17 11/27/2018 Big Chibi 6 Snoring
16 11/20/2018 Big Chibi 6 Noodle Song
15 11/20/2018 Big Chibi 6 Save Mochi
14 11/13/2018 Big Chibi 6 Mochi No!
13 11/6/2018 Big Chibi 6 Making Popcorn
12 2/6/2021 Baymax Dreams of Fred’s Glitch
11 8/15/2020 Baymax Dreams of Too Many Freds
10 8/8/2020 Baymax Dreams of Mochizilla
9 9/15/2018 Baymax Dreams of Bed Bugs!
8 9/15/2018 Baymax Dreams of Evil Sheep!
7 9/15/2018 Baymax Dreams of Too Many Baymaxes!
6 6/20/2018 Baymax and Honey Lemon Honey Lemon shows Baymax how to play tennis, but Baymax can’t move quickly enough to hit the ball over the net! Can she figure out a way for him to play?
5 6/18/2018 Baymax and Mochi While Aunt Cass is gone, Baymax tries to keep Mochi out of trouble, but he quickly learns that babysitting is harder than it looks!
4 6/14/2018 Baymax and Hiro Hiro boosts Baymax’s battery, which causes Baymax to go into overdrive! Oh no.
3 6/6/2018 Baymax and Wasabi Baymax wants to learn yoga poses, but he has a hard time mastering it! Can Wasabi teach him without getting too stressed out?!
2 6/1/2018 Baymax and Go Go Go Go attempts to teach Baymax how to roller-skate, but he can’t seem to slow down! Can she keep him from getting into trouble?!
1 5/31/2018 Baymax and Fred Fred is determined to create an alter ego for Baymax! Should Bayxmax’s alter ego be a cowboy? A fireman? A clown? A sumo wrestler? More importantly, will any of Fred’s ridiculous ideas stick?!

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