Disney fans who love Stitch aka Experiment 626 but know that he’s definitely not a dog will appreciate Disney’s upcoming collection, Stitch Crashes Disney. While the alien entity may already have an entire day dedicated to him (June 26th), Disney figured it was time to honor this character with his very own merchandise series, and we’re pretty excited about it.

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Stitch Crashes Disney

  • Over the past several years, Disney has been known to release some very memorable limited release collections featuring highly sought after items that celebrate many of the things fans love about Disney.
  • Now they’re combining playful and classy into a new collection starring a little blue troublemaker known as Stitch.
  • Fans may recall that In 2002, Stitch crashed several favorite Walt Disney Animation Studio film scenes, well now he’s stepped out of films with a brand new merchandise collection and is about to crash:
    • shopDisney
    • Disney store
    • Downtown Disney District
    • Disney Springs!
  • Releasing globally on the third Saturday of each month, Stitch Crashes Disney is the latest introduction of a monthly collection that features plush and pins, inspired by the original Lilo and Stitch film trailers from 2002.

  • All year long, Stitch will be crashing classic Disney Animated films and fans are invited to join him in the fun to collect all 12 styles!  
  • The first collection officially launches on MerchPass on shopDisney.com on January 12th and will be available in Disney stores globally and domestic Parks on January 16th.
  • All MerchPass product launches will include:
    • A Stitch Plush
    • Pin
    • MagicBand – available only at shopDisney.com 
  • MerchPass drawings open on launch day starting at 7am PST.
  • Film-inspired tees and mugs will also be available for a limited time on the Thursday after each MerchPass on shopDisney.com.

Coming Soon – Lady and the Tramp

January 2021 – Beauty and the Beast 

Plush – $29.99

Pin –  $24.99

MagicBand 2 – $34.99 (shopDisney.com only)

Pin Holder – $34.99

Upcoming Releases

  • January – Beauty and the Beast
  • February – Lady and the Tramp
  • March – The Lion King

  • April – The Little Mermaid
  • May – Pinocchio
  • June – Aladdin