Disney Lorcana TCG Announces an Errata Going into Effect with the Release of Shimmering Skies

The Disney card game has announced they will be giving one of their cards an errata in all formats. The correction will go into effect next month.

What’s Happening:

  • Disney Lorcana TCG has announced that the Bucky – Squirrel Squeak Tutor card will receive an errata in all formats with the release of Shimmering Skies on August 9th.
  • Continuing, the card game expressed the weight of this change and that all erratas and bans going forward will be effective at the launch of new sets, unless a change is deemed immediately necessary.
  • In an attempt to preserve the fun of the game, Disney Lorcana wants to address all cards that cause negative experiences for players at all levels.
  • The game is looking at making printed versions of the updated card for players later this year, noting all future prints of the card will reflect the change.

  • The changes to the card include:
    • Cost: “2″ changes to “3″
    • Keyword: “Ward” changes to “No keyword ability”
    • Updated ability: “\Squeak\ Whenever you play a Floodborn character, each opponent chooses and discards a card. à Whenever you play a Floodborn character, if you used Shift to play them, each opponent chooses and discards a card.”
    • Context: “Ursula’s Return gave Bucky players the opportunity to discard multiple cards from opponents’ hands as early as turn 2 while building up a board that was very difficult to interact with, creating a stressful environment that just wasn’t fun. Ward also made Bucky close to untouchable, taking away player agency to deal with a powerful and cheap threat. For these reasons, we’re increasing Bucky’s cost to 3 and removing Ward from him. Additionally, we feel that requiring Shift better represents the Floodborn experience, as many decks utilizing Bucky have mostly ignored using the Shift mechanic (outside of one sinister bird).”
  • The game notes that Shimmering Skies won’t be legal in Challenge events until August 30th, but the errata will go into effect at launch. Those planning to use the card at the Challenge event in Toronto will have the errata in effect even though Shimmering Skies is not legal for the event.
  • An app update reflecting the change is expected soon.

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