Take A Look Behind The Tech Of Disney+ IMAX Enhanced Sound With DTS on Select Marvel Titles

Take a look behind the scenes of how IMAX and DTS completely enhance the at-home viewing experience of select titles on Disney+.

What’s Happening:

  • Disney+ is sharing a bit of a backstage look into the magic of how sound plays a critical role in the films of Marvel Studios and how IMAX has teamed up with DTS to completely enhance the at-home viewing experience on many titles available on the platform.
  • IMAX Enhanced sound with DTS:X is an advanced audio format that preserves the full dynamic range of the original theatrical sound mix, providing an immersive listening experience to Disney+ subscribers at home.
  • Please note that, at the moment, Disney+ supports IMAX Enhanced sound with DTS:X on select Android TV devices from Sony, Hisense, Sharp, and Xiaomi only.

  • To find content with the available IMAX Enhanced Sound, select the IMAX Enhanced title you want to watch and navigate to the Details tab to see which audio formats are available for the content. A DTS:X badge will be displayed if IMAX’s Enhanced sound is available for the selected title. Please note that you will need an Android TV device that supports DTS:X in order to enjoy the IMAX Enhanced sound experience.
  • To stream supported Disney+ content in DTS:X audio format, you must enable the feature during video playback on a supported Android TV device.
  • To enable IMAX’s expanded audio on supported Disney+ content, follow the steps below:
    • While watching a video in Disney+, use your remote control to access the player controls bar at the bottom of the screen
    • Select the Audio Options button on the far right of the player controls bar. An IMAX Enhanced sound with DTS:X menu will appear
      • If DTS:X is not supported, this button is not available
    • Toggle the IMAX Enhanced sound with DTS:X setting to On
      • To disable, toggle the IMAX Enhanced sound with DTS:X setting to Off

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Tony Betti
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