In A New Episode of The Official Marvel Podcast, Brad Winderbaum Shares That “What If…?” Will Be A Trilogy, Ending After Season 3

During a recent episode of The Official Marvel Podcast, the head of Marvel Streaming, Television, and Animation provided updates for several Disney+ series, including the hit animated show What If…?

What’s Happening:

  • In a new episode of The Official Marvel Podcast, Brad Winderbaum, Head of Marvel Streaming, Television and Animation, shared new information on What If…? season 3.
  • Announcing that the series would be a trilogy, the hit animation show will end after its third entry.
  • Winderbaum shared "What If…? season 3 feels like the completion of a trilogy… It takes us to places you'd never expect. It goes beyond the first two seasons in its exploration of the Multiverse and it pulls in characters that are very unexpected. It has what I think is an extremely moving and fulfilling culmination for Uatu, The Watcher."
  • Marvel previewed the third season in January, giving fans their first look at Sam Wilson’s Captain America since 2021. Showcasing Sam Wilson, Monica Rambeau, Red Guardian and Bucky Barnes, the new season is sure to excite Marvel fans.

  • Jeffrey Wright narrates the series as Uatu, The Watcher.
  • You can listen to the full 35 minute podcast below:

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