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The Emmy and BAFTA Award-nominated “Vampirina” tells the story of Vampirina (aka Vee), a young vampire girl who is the new kid in town after her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. The series follows Vee as she faces the trials and tribulations of adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings, including making friends and attending a new school in the human world. At first, Vee tries to adapt, change and blend in with her schoolmates, but ultimately she learns to appreciate her unique individuality and her friends’ too. Blending spooky fun, heartfelt storytelling and Broadway-caliber music, each episode features two 11-minute stories.

Vampirina Episode List

Season 2

494/10/2020Ghoul Guides Save the Day!When Edgar crashes the annual Ghoul Guides Extravaganza vamping trip in Transylvania, Vee and the girls must come clean about Vee’s family. An excited Edgar reassures them that he will not tell anyone about the world of monsters.
483/25/2020The School Scare FairOxana adds a spooky flair to the school fair.
473/25/2020Au Revoir RemyWhen Remy says, “Au Revoir” to the Hauntley’s to chase his dream as a chef at a fancy restaurant, a spookghetti monster pops up!
462/21/2020The Search for BigfootWhen Uncle Bob misses check in, Vee sets Edgar, Bigfoot’s biggest fan, out to find him.
452/21/2020Oh BrotherGregoria’s soft and sweet brother, Hugo visits the Scare B&B, and Gregoria is jealous when he gets all the attention.
441/10/2020Frog’s BreathA potion gone wrong turns Vee into a frog and is found by Edgar.
431/10/2020The Great EsmeraldaA visiting fortune teller predicts Vee will “lose a friend”, and she believes it’s her friendship with Poppy.
4211/30/2019Deliver-eeek!The Hauntleys discover a new delivery service that delivers specialty items from Transylvania.
4111/30/2019A Gargoyle CarolVee and family embrace the human ways of Christmas but Gregoria feels differently.
4011/22/2019The Not So Haunted HousePoppy thinks her family is moving, so Vee and the others try to make her house look haunted.
3911/22/2019The Hauntley GirlsA magical book wrecks havoc at the Scare B&B’s first book club read.
3811/1/2019Taking Scare of BusinessVee and her friends help Demi complete his list of unfinished business.
3711/1/2019The Scare CouncilBoris becomes head of the Transylvania Scare Council but the members reject his park idea.
3610/25/2019As You WishVee’s identity is threatened when Edgar gets his hands on a cupcake that make wishes come true once eaten.
3510/25/2019Día De Los MuertosA family of Caracas visit for Día de los Muertos and teach the Hauntleys about their traditions.
3410/18/2019This Haunted House Is Closed
3310/18/2019Vamp-operaWhen Vee attempts to use a hybrid spell to help with her writer’s block, she accidentally turns the world into a Sung-through musical and has to find a way to break the curse.
3210/11/2019Freeze Our GuestWhen the Tundra-nator breaks at the B&B, Oxana accidentally starts a winter storm in the middle of a heat wave.
3110/11/2019Jumping Jack-o-LanternsVee goes overboard growing the largest pumpkin for a carving contest.
3010/4/2019Play It Again VeeDemi casts a time loop spell to help prevent Vee’s project from being destroyed.
2910/4/2019Trick or TreatersIt’s Halloween, and Vampirina is excited to go trick or treating with friends for the first time.
288/16/2019Haunted TheaterVee, Bridget and Poppy meet a friendly but dramatic ghost on a field trip to a haunted theater.
278/16/2019Bat Got Your TongueVampirina loses her voice just before a Ghoul Girls performance in Translyania.
268/9/2019Wolf BoyThe Hauntleys have a new guest at the Scare B&B, a wolf boy named Fangbert.
258/9/2019Vamp-iversaryIt’s Boris and Oxana’s anniversary and no one is more excited to celebrate her parents than Vee.
247/26/2019Fright at the MuseumVee and her friends are invited to a sleepover at the museum hosted by King Pepi.
237/26/2019Face the MusicPoppy writes a song for the Ghoul Girls to perform in the school talent show.
227/12/2019Pixie ProblemVee practices a new shrinking spell when a pixie family visits the Scare B&B.
217/12/2019The Boo Boys Are BackThe Ghoul Girls and Poltergeist Pat perform at the Paranormal Pop Festival.
206/28/2019Ghost HostsVampirina and her friends fill in as hosts of Edgar’s “Weekly Weirdness” show when he becomes sick.
196/28/2019The Big BiteChef Remy Bones competes in a TV cooking competition for humans.
186/21/2019Gregoria Takes FlightVee and Demi attempt to teach Gregoria how to fly so that she can view a rare star constellation.
176/21/2019Beach NightVampirina and her family invite their neighbors on a trip to the beach.
164/12/2019Mirror MirrorWhen Vee starts to feel overwhelmed by all she has to do, Demi introduces her to a magic mirror that can create duplicates of herself.
154/12/2019Desserter MysteryThe Hauntleys travel to Spookelton castle to celebrate Nanpire’s birthday, and Vee makes her a special cake.
143/22/2019The Great Egg ScrambleVee’s first Easter egg hunt turns into a rescue mission after a baby dragon egg accidentally gets mixed in with the other eggs.
133/22/2019Scare-itage DayFamily Heritage Day is coming up at school and Vee is excited to make a family tree.
123/15/2019Vee Takes The CourtVee volunteers to sub in on Poppy’s basketball team to help win the final game.
113/15/2019The Birthday BroomVee is gifted a Hover Haunt Spook-Thousand broom on first birthday in Pennsylvania.
103/10/2019Scare B & VeeWhile her parents are away, Vampirina volunteers to be in charge of running the Scare B&B.
93/10/2019The Ghoul Next DoorVampirina, Poppy and Edgar get new neighbors.
82/22/2019GloomatesWhen the Hauntley house becomes infested with Charmer bugs, Edna insists the entire family stay with her while the house is being fumigated.
72/22/2019Baby DragonA baby dragon visits the Hauntley’s and takes a special liking to Gregoria.
62/1/2019Bat Hair DayGregoria’s sculpture of the Hauntley family is almost ruined when Vee wakes up with a bat hair day.
52/1/2019Franken-WeddingFrankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein hold their wedding at the Hauntley’s Scare B&B and give Vampirina a very important job.
41/11/2019TNNOne of Vee’s oldest friends from Transylvania, Frankie Bolt, comes to visit her in Pennsylvania.
31/11/2019The Woodsie WayVee and her friends go on their first hiking trip with the Woodchuck Woodsies.
212/7/2018Where’s Wolfie?Poppy wants a pet bunny, but first she has to show her mom she is ready to have a pet by looking after Wolfie.
112/7/2018Vampire for PresidentVampirina decides to run for class president.

Season 1

2511/23/2018Nanpire and Grandpop the Greats/There’s Snow Place Like HomeNanpire and Grandpop the Great visit to celebrate the Blood Moon Festival.

When Vee doesn’t get the snow day she was hoping for, Demi casts a spell to help.

2410/1/2018Hauntleyween/FrankenflowerVee helps prepare the house for the family’s first Halloween; the family worries about its secret getting out.

Vee doesn’t know what to make for the inventor fair; Gregoria suggests an invention that can bring dead flowers back to life; it works but not quite as expected.

238/24/2018Countess Vee/Frights Camera ActionVee trains to become a countess after being named heir to Spookelton Castle in Transylvania. Vampirina helps Edgar film a spooky monster movie for the school film festival.
228/3/2018Home Scream HomeReturning to Transylvania, Vampirina brings along her Ghoul Girls band mates, Poppy and Bridget, to compete in a talent competition.
217/27/2018Fangless/Transylvanian TeaAfter losing her baby fangs, Vee worries they’ll never grow back.

Nanpire passes down the family tea party tradition to Vee.

207/20/2018Hiccupire/Uncle BigfootVee gets a case of the vampire hiccups, and Poppy and Bridget help to scare them away.

Boris’ old college roommate, Bigfoot, comes to stay at the Scare B&B.

196/18/2018Acrobat Boris/The Lemonade StandBoris gets an invitation to reunite with the Scare-Devils, an acrobatic flying troupe.

Vee and Poppy run a lemonade stand, with a little help from Chef Remy.

184/27/2018Mummy’s Day/Dance-lvaniaMary-Margaret Mummyton visits the Scare B&B for Mummy’s Day.

Vee hosts a dance party at the Scare B&B to celebrate Dance-lvania Day.

173/16/2018Vampirina Ballerina/Treasure HauntersVampirina gets stage fright during a ballet performance.

Vampirina and her friends help the ghost pirate Rusty Topsail search for treasure.

162/16/2018Look Who’s Scared Now!/Dust BunniesVee and her family get scared during the town’s anniversary celebration.

While the Scare B&B is getting its centennial clean, Demi uses a spell to make the process faster, but accidentally conjures troublesome dust bunnies.

151/12/2018Vee Is For Valentine/Scarestitute TeacherVee tries to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Ghoulentine’s Day but mixes up her cards! When Mr. Gore needs a substitute teacher, Oxana decides to step in.
1412/1/2017Nanpire the Great/Two Heads Are Better Than OneVee’s family and her puppy get invited to Nanpire’s house.

The scare B&B gets a two-headed guest just in time for the friendship festival.

1311/17/2017Batty Fever/Poetry DayVee and her parents catch batty fever, so Demi and Gregoria try to make a potion to cure it.

Vee and Demi help Bridget practice for poetry day.

1211/10/2017Critters!/Cuddle MonsterWolfie shrinks, so Vee and Gregoria get a critternarian for help.

A monster named Buttons stays at the Scare B&B.

1111/3/2017Oldie but a Ghouldie/Beast in ShowGregoria gets sold during spring cleaning, and then Vee and Demi go try to get her back.

Vee takes Wolfie to a dog show.

1010/27/2017The Ghoul Girls/Game NightVampirina’s favorite band, The Scream Girls, come to stay at the Scare B&B! Vee invites her friends over for a family game night.
910/23/2017Vampire Weekend/The Bird Who Knew Too MuchWhile playing with a magical necklace, Vee is transformed into a human and Poppy into a vampire! A class parrot named Kiwi threatens to reveal Vee’s secret.
810/20/2017Hide & Shriek/The Little WitchVee and her friends play hide and shriek, and help Bridget find a perfect hiding spot.

Witches visit the Scare B&B.

710/16/2017Bone Appetit/Woodchuck WoodsiesDemi brings Chef Remy Bones to the Scare B&B to cook a meal for a guest, but he has trouble making human food.

Vee, Poppy, and Bridget participate in the Woodchuck Woodsies event.

610/13/2017Vamping Trip/The Monster SnoreThe Hauntleys and the Peeplesons go camping.

When Matilda has trouble going to the Scare B&B, she ends up at Bridget’s house.

510/9/2017Little Terror/Super NaturalVee and her friends babysit a naughty vampire named Nosey, who happens to be Vee’s baby cousin.

Vee protects Demi from humans who are ghost hunters.

410/6/2017The Plant Predicament/Mummy MayhemWhile Demi tries to help Vee and Poppy cure a spell, Oxana tries to distract Edna.

Vee, Poppy, and Bridget try to make King Peppy feel better because all the visitors want to see dinosaurs.

310/2/2017Vee’s Surprise Party/Vee Goes ViralVee and Poppy prepare a party.

After Gregoria teaches Vee and Poppy a new dance, Edgar makes a video and it becomes viral.

210/1/2017The Sleepover/Portrait of a VampireVee invites Poppy and Bridget for a sleepover.

On Vee’s first day of school, she gets frightened during her class photo and leans on her new friend, Poppy, for support.

110/17/2017Going Batty/Scare B&BVampirina, also known as Vee, is very anxious about being able to make new friends after she and her family relocate from Transylvania to a new home in Pennsylvania, as she adjust to being the new kid in town, and adapting to the human world.

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